Credit Co-Operative Society Software with SMS

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Credit Society Accounting Software is a complete software for giving credits and collection of Deposits.
Software Features:-

Member's Database :- Shareholders, Loans,Depositors,Pass Books, etc

Member: Code, Name Address, Nominee Details

Deposit: Daily, Monthly, Yearly, Fixed and Recurring

Loans Category : Gold, Vehicle, Asset, Short Term & Personal.

Shares : No.of Shares, Buying, Selling & Withdrawals

Gurantor : Code, Name Address, Indirect Liabilities.

New Member Entry : Date of Joining, Initital Deposit, Shares, Society Joining Fees

Loan Application Form : Date of Loan, Loan Sanction, Gurantors, Direct & Indirect Liabilities, Effective Date of Loan, No.of Installments, Penalty / Late Fee and etc

Loan Collection : Setting Auto Reminder on Date with SMS.

Receipt Printing : share certificate printing, FD certificate, Loans Installment, Deposit, Shares, Interest / Subscription, Penalty / Late Fee

Reports : Deposit, Loans, Shares and Accounting Reports

IMP : Please Kindly set the navigation.aspx to default page.

Whats Up Me If You Have any Quiry : 7038740679

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plz send me ctadit co-opretive softwere for our orgnization

hello!!,windows script host finds error,it says 'module' is undefined...anybody has the idea regards to the matter?


can some body let me know how can I install Co-operative management system and what does it's required?

can be installed on cpanel hosting or does it need a linux server and how to run it

Kindly Regards

Need info on your Co-operative management system.

hi brother where is your SQL file please?

how do i restore the database? is it MS SQL server database?

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