Point On Sale Management System

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Sales Features
Works with touch screens/systems and non-touch screen based systems
Time Based Discount Rules (Buy X Get Y for Z%, Mix and Match, etc.)
Recurring billing with card on file (great for club management and service businesses)
Wish List/Gift Registry
Age Verification
VAT for countries that support a Value Added Tax
Support fractional cents. Great for businesses price large quantity discounts or sell items at fractional cents like gas
Promotion Code Tracking
Open Orders/Deposit Tracking
Gift Cards built right into the program (no additional fees)
Multi Level Sales Jurisdiction Tax Tracking -Sales tax jurisdictions based on base rate and 2-tiered tax rates (GST/PST) and 2-tiered tax rates with department and class exceptions.
Line item clerk sales tracking
Gift receipts
Open multiple sales screens
Line item consolidation
Consolidated item listing
Serial number tracking
Credit card processing options. Use one of our integrated processors to get the lowest rates. Or use your own.
Split payment media. Handle all those Visa gift cards being used for payment.
Sales Manager. Allows you to view, reprint receipts, change, copy and void sales. View saved sales, open orders (deposits), layaways, gift certificates and daily sales totals.

Customer Features

Customer Cards
Store Credit
House Accounts and Invoicing
Birthday and Interest Tracking
Activity Manager to track customer contact histories and ToDos
Customer E-Mailing
Price Level Discounting Rules
Time Based Discounting Rules. Tuesday is "Locals Day" promotions.
Loyalty Program
Customer Images
Customer Manager. Provides customer sales and item history for all locations through the Customer Manager. Customer centric operations to make you more efficient and better able to serve and sell to your customers.

Inventory Features

Barcode-based Pricing Labels
Receiving Histories
Purchase Orders auto-generated by Minimums and Maximums or Sales
Department Stock Number to allow you to setup and sell faster
Matrix-based Sizing
Scales and Variable Weight Barcodes (Deli Scale Barcodes)
Age Verification
250 character descriptions and 50 character stock numbers for more flexibility
5 price fields - Allows you to set up customers for price level discounting.
Separate Vendor and Manufacturer Part Number Fields
Seasonal Minimum and Maximum Field Tracking
Physical Inventory Collection System for Inventory and Sales, Purchase Order and Transfer Order generation
Serial Number Tracking
Packages for Case Lot Tracking and Splitting
Case Lot Tracking and Splitting
Alternate Code Lookups including 2 UPC/EAN fields
Supports up to 250 character descriptions and 50 character stock numbers for greater flexibility.
5 price fields - Allows you to set up customers for price level discounting.
Manufacturer Part Number Field
Class Tracking
Location Tracking
Transfers and Transfer Order Creation for Multi-location environments
Minimum and Maximum Field Tracking - Supports four different minimums and maximums to allow for differences in seasonal reordering requirements.
Auto purchase order generation based on sales and minimums
Instant Sales and Quantity Information for all locations through the Inventory Manager

Hundreds of preconfigured reports with many filters to better enable you to get the information out of RetailEdge you need to reorder, sell and manage your customers.
Reports can be exported to PDF, Excel, or text file formats.
Filter and memorize the ones you use all the time.
Statements, invoices and purchase orders can be quickly printed and then e-mailed to your customer or vendor.
Pls make sure you read the text file in the zip file. for more information contact us: [email protected] or watsapp number: +2348033527716 and dont forget to like us on www.facebook.com/optimumlinkup
DEMO: for pos visit: www.optimumlinkup.com.ng/pos/index.php -- user:admin, pass: password
DEMO: for school management system visit: www.optimumlinkup.com.ng/software/index.php -- user: [email protected] , pass: admin
DEMO: for inventory management system visit: www.optimumlinkup.com.ng/php_stock/index.php -- user: admin , pass: master
DEMO: for hospital management system visit: www.optimumlinkup.com.ng/hms/index.php -- user: [email protected] , pass: admin

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in this label page not displaying in the forms,next sales page is not working i am using botht of xamp and wamp why do not working answer me how to run full source code

I want to see your demo but the password and username you gave is not working. Please give us the password for demo. nothing is working, I tried all of it.

email me at [email protected]


Your all php project not working . I tried using xamp not navigate another page
can you change and update . send me my mail id school management project

[email protected]

I am jayakumar Web & Desktop Developer Developer.I Wish to join here and improve my knowledge.If u need project and Source code
send me mail me : [email protected]

it does'nt appear in browser when I run it.

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