Students Records System Version 1.0

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Hi there about this code I called it Students Records System Version 1.0 written entirely in MS Access. This code is very useful in school it can be use to store, process the information of students like student information file, grades and other relevant informations for the students. It contains useful codes like password validation, report generation and data storage and navigation. Great code for programmers that are new in MS Access programming.
If you find my work useful send me an email at [email protected]. People here in the Philippines who wish to contact me can reach me in my mobile phone numbers at 09296768375 and 09226034089. My home landline number is (034) 4335081. Thank you very much and Happy Programming.
 Mr. Jake Rodriguez Pomperada, MAED - Instructional Technology

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sir what select the user name and what the passaward of this username

Good Noon Sir..., I'm new to Microsoft Access, i downloaded your student record system and i tested... i found very interesting especially in our school na wala pang system na ganito... however, i still have problem kung paano ko edvelop ang isang system para sa pagbabayad ng kanilang Misc. Fee.... hindi ko pa kasi alam kung paano gawin gamit ang microsoft access... hope you could give me some ideas and techniques... tanx... or pwd po ba ako makahingi ng isang ready made program para sa billing system ng school namin...

huuu over sa mga programs hahahaha mahirap gumawa nito,,,ur a gud developer,,but you just use access y not try other IDE like VB.

im using ms access 07 .. sir where i can find here the table users?

tnx po for this one, tnx po, hs student po kami... :) ang galing po ng program na ginawa nyo... it's very usefull

sir pwede po malaman password?

Nice type of program you got there...
but how can you explain the code of command in vb on your work in MS Access??????

Very Nice Thanks

i'm new viewer of this site and i found out that it can help my subjects and thesis ahead. this is GREAT site

u are good programer

pwede po malaman f ms accsses lang poh ba to na prog?? kasi may nkita aq na vb command.. pewde po pa tutor ng accesses at vb6.. tnx poh!! here my email - [email protected] tnx a lot!!!!=)


Some of my Secondary Permanent Record 1 and 2 and Report Cards are blank. I have entered more data in the student report card form but i stil get blank reports. How do i go about correcting this?

Sir congrats it's really helpful to us who are a beginner in making programs.

Sir do you have the source code of the Main Form and other forms included in the program so that i could study this... thank you very..


Whats the password

for a school project

hmmm ang ganda naman nitong site na tao tlgang matututo ka lalo na sa paggawa ng mga syste,m..... kaya maraming salamt dun sa person/(s) na gumawa ng site na to!!!!

have you tested in office 2007? cuz m not sure whats could be wrong, i click on the login form and none happens, no alert of an error or anthing at all.

Do I need to down-grade my access 07 to 03 or 2000?

or m missing out some settings? i just unziped it and tempted to run it.

Whats your personal email? we can talk more there with other stuffs.

Thanks, Eddy

Bellow the menu bar is a security warning. Click on options to enable VBA macro.

i tried enabling the the macros in 2007 but it luks like i still have to enter a passwoed and a user name i dont know if i have to transfer it to office 2003

Office 2007 disable the macros and or code execution by default. After you open the database click the option button at the bottom of the toolbar to change the setting to allow running of code.

its good

it very use ful

sir pwed malama kung anu password sa program

For your password kindly open the ms access database and select the table users look for the username and the password theres. Thanks for visiting the site.


Jake :-D

how do i login

Elow sir pwede po ba magtnung s inyo about visual basic 6.0 imokie lang interested ksi ako matututo ng marami sa visual basic tnx...

Mahiraqp talaga ang visual basic kasi very sensitive kasi yan kahit tama na minsan ang code hindi pa rin nag rrun

sure.. why not?

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