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Hi there I would like to thank all for always visiting the site. About this code I called in Student Information System which I wrote using MS Access I not yet expert in MS Access Database development but Im still learning. The Password of this application is : iveymae
If you find my work useful send me an email at [email protected] People here in the Philippines who like to contact me can reach me in my mobile phone number 09296768375 and my landline number at home +63 (034) 4335081. Thank you very much and Happy Programming.
Mr. Jake Rodriguez Pomperada, MAED - Instructional Technology
Programmer, Teacher and Computer Technician

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hi, can you pls give me a sample of tracer system?and code of this?

hi help me develop A system using ms access of exam report management system and prints the report forms for each student

Hi sir,
would you mind to send the password and the source code to my email : [email protected]

Thank You & Regrads :)

please kindly send your password to e-mail so that i can access your codes please
[email protected]

hi sir...could you pls. help me regarding to my thesis?
i want to a simple but, unique system that is different from the others.
sir,i need a three thesis titles,... could you pls. give me suggestions?
ned ko na po talaga...
email add: [email protected]
fb acct. [email protected]
help me sir....plese?

sir can u help me make a system on how to store all data information on step by step process? pls email me [email protected] thank u

can u please help me in making employee information system...please kindly send the codes in my email-add [email protected] please sir help me...thank you!!!

sir, can you please post the codes in making a "student information system"?
PLEASE .. thank you :) name RICHARD ADZIMAH//[email protected]

sir, can you send me the siurce code of student information system?send it in my email [email protected] you sir!.

can you send me the passwod? [email protected] tnx

hi sir can u help me in my system can you give a code in student i
nformation system if you help me
send it in my email [email protected] tank you sir!!!11

thanks for your source codes !!!!
it helps me a lot

im 1 of ur fan!!!..

I need help for my system of student information SIR...Kindly give me a codes of that sir???pls SIR!! U CAN SEND THE codes for my email [email protected] Thanks!!

I am a computer science student. Sir i need your help for our thesis. Can you pls send the source code at my email ad - [email protected]
i really need it for our reference. plssss

hello sir,
i want to have one program in MS Access database,.the program is entitled cashier that can be use in paying school obligations.

how can i make this one,can you help me? pls.....

sir, can you please post the codes in making a "student information system"?
PLEASE .. thank you :)

goodeve poh me in my system..?student information system and grading system

What is the password of the database?because when i open it in the ms access the there is a pop up say:"Enter database password" please send it to me the password or anyone can help me. [email protected]/send:09265108599

Please give me a Password on my emailid
[email protected]
Please help me sir

i want in visual baic 6 plz send me on [email protected]

tnx for the post!

i need online school information system project with dfd urgently
i have to submit within one week....

pls send me:[email protected]

i need school information system project based on php.

my email id:[email protected]

Thank you very much jakerpomperada ....Its very helpful. thanks again

Dear Sir

I want to create one system in ms. Access,
My purpose is I want to store all my files
and Control by this system, like use open and Save dialogbox,
Example : I have 1 file word on Desktop and I open it in my system and save it back on other location,

Can help me with this one?



Hi i am ermy, help me naman po sa system namen, student information system

can u give me systems ng human resource info system simple lang poh...pls help i nid it badly....

Hello Everyone I am computer science student and me and my group decided to come up with a system intended for a student information, I hope you can help us sometimes making our final project realized,
thank you Mr_code28

what is the requirement of your project?

emond sabiniano
Project Contractor-Developer/Software Consultant

Sir, help me to fond the code of my thesis the title is RESEARCH INFORMATION SYSTEMS TNX

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