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This code will teach you on how to populate the subform using the criteria on the parent form with a click of a mouse. It will automatically compute the interest rate of a particular loan based on the number of term specified.

Good for beginners to learn Microsoft Access database programming.

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hi can i ask a favor? can you help me how to make a lending system using visual basic and microsoft access as my database. how am i going to ocnnect my database into visual basic form. the system is able to add, delete search and update. so once i click the add button on the form it will add another information onto my database.

could you help me please.. teach me how pls. thanks

hi gud eves!!  Pls help me how to make an application Lending System online!!!! pls

Elow po .. Meron na po ba kayomg Online Lending System ?

plz.be patient to help me to do the barcode in lening of books.i dont have any knowledge about barcoding..

You can use the source code on how to use a barcode system in my point of sale program.

pls send me document and database of a lending inventory system [email protected] pls or 091934353128

Pare salamat may taong tulad mo na willing tumulong sa mga beginners at hindi pa masyadong sanay. Ngayon ko lang nakita ang site na ito. Isa pa lang na sample program mo ang na download ko yung lending system, nakita ko mahusay ka. Marami na rin akong nagawa using ms access. Nagamit naman yung mga ginawa ko. Gumagawa ako pero hindi naman ako gumagamit ng mga language codes hindi ako marunong gumamit nito. Ang matagal ko ng problema e yung kapag nag filter na yung query ay yung resulta ay hindi uma appear sa report. Kapag nag print preview ako yung data na lumalabas ay yung sa unahang data. Nakita ko sa lending system mo nagagawang sumabay ng report. Kung saang record yung tinitignan, kapag nag print preview sumasabay yung report. Kung ok lang mai share mo sa akin kung papano. Yung isang problema ko rin ay yung paper size sa pagpi print. Sa ms access 2003 limitado yung paper size. May way ba para makapag declare ng sariling paper size?

Pare kung ok lang paki send din yung reply mo sa e-mail add ko [email protected]

Pare tnx uli.

You can either specify this under the macro or report's criteria. Please explore the report and the button to open the reports.

do you have lending system using vb 6.0?

plss jelp me!


if you dont mind send it to my email!

[email protected]


can i ask you a favor? can you please help me..how to make a nortwind system using visual basic and microsoft access as my database.how can i connect the database into visual basic form?pls send me a code...within this week pls..thanks..help me

i hope ur lending system help me in my new project...it will be use as my open book while doing mine so..tnxs keep up for this...

can you help me how to make a lending system using visual basic.net and microsoft access as my database.

thank you...

do you have a code of lending system usign vb 6? if you don't mind please send to my email

[email protected]

pls help us to make a lending system using vb 6.0 . thank you pls send in my email account [email protected]

can tell me how to down load installer for free..tanks.

Hi! thank you for sharing this lending system of yours..it's really a big help...mmm i'm just wondering if you have the exaplanation on how the system goes???(for example, what the CO-MAKER means...and everything..)
I don't really have any idea on lending system, and the company my groups have chosen suddenly refuse to give us the step by step process of their lending company...now, i cant find a company whos willing to give us that info...i know i'm asking a big favor, but i can't really find what i'm looking for anywhere...i hope you will still help...if ever, my e-add is [email protected]..THANK YOU, what ever your name is! =^_^=

hi can i ask a favor? can you help me how to make a lending system using php?

can you help me how to make a lending system using php.?
pls help me..this is my project..
pls send me a code in this email [email protected]

do you have a code of lending system using php?
can you help me pls....
this is my project in final..
i hope ur lending system help me in my new project
pls send me a code...within this week pls..thanks..help me
this is my email add [email protected]

hello sir, kindly please help me in my final project, this is a lexical analyzer that can count tokens, using visual basic 6.0, and it has a reserve words in access, and usung message box it states the count of tokens,,for example sir:
cout<<"hello world"

thank you sir in advance

sir email me at [email protected]

I need related literature on lending and credit management for my monitoring system on lending..

thanks for the pattern

hmm.can you help mw with my final project??i need tu create a lending system using c++

can you help me how to make lending system using turbo c++?

can you give me a site of that program???

Scope of Limitation
This study focuses in determining the effects of this system. This Lending System Database Management System (DBMS) covers the loan and payments of the clients.

hi sir,
i want to know how to code the loan monitoring system in J2SE using model-view-controller architecture, i am using arraylist to store the information.
can you please help me to do the same.
thank you.

can u program java language w/ datebase(Mysql).??/

what is the best system program for thesis?? and what is the synopsis of the system?? PLEASE HELP ME>>> dont know what to do!!! hmmp

can u give some codes in grading system using programing langauages tnx...

can u plz give the codes of this application form above....plz tnx...

plz.be patient to help me to do lending system using vb 6.0 .i dont have any knowledge about it..

can you plz give me some codes about the lending system....thanks...

can you give me some codes pls.??


sir is this the full version of your lending system!!? im starting my new lending system but in my access i dont know what table or fields i will do..can u help me..or can you send me a flowchart and access about lending..tnx

im a student..

a lil help about the lending code in turbu c++.


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