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This is an MS Access version of the Point of Sale that I'm trying to create before. But I go on, on developing the VB version instead of MS Access.

If you are studying the concept of MS Access this simple program will help you develop a relational database using various relationship like one-to-many, etc.

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User: admin
Pass: admin

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salamat sa gumawa nito pagpalain ka

panu nyu po napagana?

sir pwde mahingi ung password at username?

Thanks for being helpful.
However, I was planning on developing a database with MS Access that can help me manage an inventory on a particular tool (but with many types which just differs by description) in my business. For example, having hammers but with different serial numbers. Can this inventory software be of help or what do you suggest?
Thank you.
You could mail me: [email protected]

Point of sale or my inventory system can do this. But I think you still need to modify some of the function to work with your needs.


what is username and password this is my email : [email protected]

Hi admin, saan ko ba pwede makuha ang source code nito?..

what is the password and username this inventory sales?

..san po ung password and username??

tnx a lot

Thanks for this. :)

can i have the source code for this inventory system..

You can download everything here for free.

where is the source codes??...the program itself lang ang nkita ko..


Do you know how to open code in MS Access?

please tell me how

I need a point of sale system created using v.b 2005 .. can you help me with that??

thank you..

can you give me a sample source code for monitoring and inventory system that is distributed...?


thanks , you database solved alot of questions i had.
thanks you

Pre salamat may natutunan na naman ako sa MS ACCESS.. Dito ko sa SAUDI self study lang ako sa MS ACCESS. Nobody is teaching me... by the way thanks ulet

Do you have cashiering system made in visual basic 6.. .?i need some info about this system for my thesis can u plz help me...

what is the password and username this inventory sales?
my email id is [email protected]

please tell me password and username
email: [email protected]

Can i test this sytem? need username and password

Please tell me username and password for this system
My email is [email protected]

Its total crap, every thing is locked so totally useless release an unlocked version

thank you for your help

i'm also tryin to learn ms access by myself. can you give me the username and password? tnx pre. [email protected]

anu po ung user name at password\?> need your reply asap? tnx

Hi sir....Im a now doing for my personal project - "the inventory control system for small user" in school...and now..i'm facing the problem which is i don't know what language i should use to do the system...actually i'm not good in programming language....i have fail to do my library system in last i know,Microsoft Access 2007, My SQL server 2005, and C# can use to do my "inventory control system".....but the problem is...i found that sir said that Microsoft Access 2007 not so strong...if i use C# + My SQL , the problem is i didn learn those languages i don't know how to coneect them....thus, the inventory system need to generate a report to the user...i don't know wheater the C# + My SQL can have a report come out? how to do that to make all the languages can link to database and can generate the report for user to print out? i really don't know...i never study those languages before...i;m very scare now..sorry question so long ...but im very scare i will fail my project again...can sir help me ? please.......please..........

Thanks Bro

hi I have download the Inventory System - MS Access version thank you, but unfortunatly I have no any user name or password, if you have these, please reply me.

mail id: [email protected]

thanks million

Thank you for the source. However, May I know the password and username?

[email protected]

Please Help me...May i know a sample source code of your inventory system. also, do you have a sample program of laptop parts inventory system..

Need for my school project...


[email protected]

good morning admin,

i have already downloaded of ms access inventory system if you if you send me the code of this program. thank you very much

[email protected]

plss send me the code [email protected]

user: admin
password : admin

can you send me source code of this pls... send is [email protected] ty

Can you please send a copy of the codes...

[email protected]

i have downloaded the program please send me the username and password [email protected]

sir do u have a sample program.??

please send me a copy of this... >,,< thnx

[email protected]

The password "admin" and username "admin" doesn't work...... :(

Please send the password and username because the account :
is not [email protected]

Please send the Inventory System username and password because the account :
is not working.

hi there sir?! ahhmm..... may i ask if you can send me a source code creating POS system in Vb2005 please please please,.,.,., thnks in advnce,.,., really really need it,.,. i already ask my high school friends but they dont have the idea in creating POS in Vb2005,,, i already have my system just the POS part of it,.,., its for thesis,., ahehe,.,. thnks

plesa send me code at [email protected]

why cant i use ur username and password u gave to us every time with all ur programs????????
can u send it to me pls
[email protected]

Please tell me username and password for this system
My email is [email protected]

admin, kindly please send me the username and it's pasword.. thnx, godbless!


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