Inventory Management System Using Java

INVENTORY MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE (TO KEEP TRACK OF YOUR GOODS AND AVOID LOSSES) This is an inventory system built with Java Netbeans IDE (You can download the source code from YouTube under Description ) It can be used in various businesses ranging from pharmacies, chemists, supermarkets,warehouses, cosmetics stores, electronics stores...etc It's all about people who wants to digitalise their

Java JSP and Bean CRUD

CRUD stands for Create, Read (or retrieve), Update, Delete. It is a Java Server Page (JSP) project with a JavaBean that is used to perfom the create read update and delete operations. For the database it uses java derby 'jdbc:derby://localhost:1527/sample' and table STUDENTS with 3 columns namely First name, Last name and ID number. I've used Semantic UI and w3.css for styling and JQuery.

Simple Ordering System (Console)

I have my original program of this using the concept of stacks however, I find it difficult on updating the elements of the array. Instead of using the same concept, I've modified it and made it just to a static array with fixed elements. I hope this program/concept could help in your activities/projects. import java.util.*; public class cart { //To publicly access the quantity as it updates every