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JavaScript Source Code

Free JavaScript Source Code. Download 10 latest JavaScript with source code for free here.

Show/Hide Password Characters

This is a simple project on how to hide and show password characters. We can use this as an option to our registration page. If the user wants to show the password characters, they just need to check the checkbox and it will automatically show the characters and by unchecking the checkbox, it will hide the characters. Hope you learn from this simple project of mine.

How to Count and Limit Characters

This is the updated version of the comment box I have made previously. The main purpose of this update is to show you on how to limit the text count in the textarea. It displays the remaining text to be entered. I also added line breaks by using .replace in javascript code. Now it displays what we exactly wrote in the textarea. And I also updated the plain text url. It is now clickable and

Drag & Drop in Javascript

Drag and drop was created using javascript. In this project, I used different types of event like dragstart, dragend, etc. Hope you can use it on your projects. This features dragging and dropping image into another div. Once image is dragged into the other div, border color and background will change. Hope you learn from this project.

Mouseover Fade Effect

A very simple image animation yet a very interesting one. This animation is what we mostly see in web designs and can also be used in making image gallery. The code is very simple and easy to understand. I change the opacity of the image into .5 and when the user hover on it, image opacity change into 100%. Hope you learn from this simple project.

Memory Game in JavaScript

You may be familiar with "Memory Game". Here, you will learn how to create a fun game that challenges your visual ability to remember numbers. The puzzle is composed of 24 checkered tiles with hidden numbers (12 pairs). When you click two consecutive tiles with the same corresponding number, it steadily appears; if not, the tiles flip to back. And when the puzzle is solved, the game automatically

Auto Scroll Animation

Auto Scroll Animation using JavaScript. In this project, I also used PHP to lessen the codes and MySQL so that I can grab all the contents of the topics that I placed in the page. One feature of the project is that, once you click a topic, it automatically slides down to its content. And by clicking Go Back To Top, it will automatically slide to top. Hope you learn from this.

Image Slider

This is a simple image slider using JavaScript and jQuery. This slider automatically slides and takes you to the next image. And while the slideshow plays, you can also click the previous and next button. To pause the slideshow, hover the mouse pointer over the image. Hope this helps.