Very Basic Java Game programming - Part 1

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I don’t know how exactly to start or make an introduction for this post. I just made in to the concept of designing a simple fighting game tutorial - from doing the character animation to its overall functionality. This tutorial is intended for beginners who really enjoy experimenting with JAVA. No, I’m not an expert game programmer. I can’t promise to owe you a good working game engine. But this tutorial will surely give you the basic ideas on how to implement a simple game in JAVA. Please bear in mind that there are couple ways of doing this, my approach is not a standard design pattern for game programming.

Before you start jiving with this tutorial, I am making assumption that you are already aware about creating basic JAVA GUI Applications.

This tutorial will cover on how to animate a character (not to mention loading and displaying the image). In this part you will learn how to use Swing components such as “JFrame”, “JPanel”, “JLabel” and “ImageIcon”.

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Thank you


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pahingi po ng JAVA eclipse link po ung premiu na ddl po ako salamat

ok siya for beginners, madali lang yun code

sana maganda po ito

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