Best thesis titles and systems for Information Technology student

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hello there!

I am an IT graduate and I am willing to help those Information Technology and Computer Science students who have a problem to think their thesis titles..

If you are an IT programmer or IT related please give a suggestions or a title for their thesis..

Please post your suggestions or titles here.

List of Thesis Title for IT Student


sir can you suggest some thesis tittle.. we can use java or php thanks in advance

t thesis title like us..a computer science student..plz help us naman..

any suggestion poh

Hi..i am cs student..pls help me 4 my thesis title..any for school lng po.

I need. Title thesis ,I'm a comp.sci student

have a nice day!!!sir i am currently 4th year college,BSIT course can you give me a best title for my thesis?thanks in advance...
my cp o...09497331506

help .. thesis titile ..for website ..


pwede po ba manghingi ng title para sa thesis namin.. this my fb [email protected] po....

Hello Sir,can you suggest a possible title about Ccleaner or other title that related in a CS for our
Research thesis?. please help me sir sir!
i am a cs student. me and my group cannot decide what is the best title in our thesis. we are not good in programming. we need your help! we need some title. plsssss..

*reply 09485477267

Guys I am a 4th yr. IT student and I need a unique thesis proposal. can you pls. help me to choose a best title? yung d common po. help me pls.. Email niyo na lang po ako sa mga gusto magsuggest [email protected] or txt me up na lang po 09063874475
thank you po sa mga magsasuggest

any suggestion for topic sa thesis sa android ??? need lang talaga .. salamt

sir cn you help me ..

gn u give me a title thesis problem regarding in information tech ..

salamat po

hllo po..i'm a cs student.,i have a problem in deciding what is the best but easy title for our thesis,.is there anyone can help me deciding what is the best and easy title for our thesis?we are not that good in programming. we need some title..plss help me

hi! graduating na din ako,, pa help po anu ba magandang title ung medyo unique pro hindi cia common katulad ng enrollment system, library system etc. kc bawal na po un samin.. hehe kuha lng po ako ng idea. kahit ano lng, hindi aman ako naghahanap ng pang best thesis ung title lng na medyo unique at patok sa panlasa ng mga panel
salamat.. nga pla sasamahan din kc amin ung ng hardware hehe.. :D

We are computer programming student. My group mates didnt have yet any idea in what title should we choose for our system for that we are requesting for your help in this matter. We have to defense our title on monday.we are looking forward sir for your response. With so many thanks sir.

I need your help...unique titles muna for the thesis writing.. please...just email me. at [email protected] or my gmail account. [email protected]..


need ko po sana ng thesis title..urgent . kailangan po kasi namin this week for our proposal..pahelp po ako.. P.M me 09351490559..patulong po.please.. 5 titles required po samin..

who can help us to give some thesis titles...

pwd po ba gave nman kayuhh nang thesis proposal need lang jud>!!

Sir ask ko lang if ano po ba magandang thesis proposal(title) para samin ng ka group ko na hindi common at hindi rin ganung kahirap?
pa help naman po and thx in advance.. [email protected] yan po ung email ko :)

ano ba ang magandang e thesis... website? database system?

Sir nid ko po ng 3 thesis title(with hardware po) and MYSQL po
email me [email protected]

hello po. good morning, can i ask a question about what should be the first thing to do when making a thesis system? my system is the automatic attendance scanner., anu po bang tamamng application ang gagamitin ko po? database po ba? ask lng po ako para sure nman po ako sa gagawin ko,.. hindi po ksi mka grad kung hindi matapos nang earlier yung thesis po nmin. pwd nyo po akong i email sa [email protected] sana po may sagot po kau sakin..thank u po. im hoping for ur positive response po. thank you po ulit.

klangn po ng help nio wala na po kasi ma propose sa PLDT e may alam po ba kayo pdeng system na ma propose salamat po tex me 09161631718

Help po kelangn po ng proposal sa PLDT wala na po kasi ako mlagay ksi halaos lahat ng naiisip nmin ngwa na ng mga lastyear students .. please help txt me po 09161631718 .. ivan po name ko

ned qoh lng po talaga ng title pra sa thesis BSCS 3rd year student kelangan qoh po ng topic sa april 15 na po title defense e...sna mtolugan nyu po aq tnx

hi... pls help me..
wala ako maisip na title for my thesis...
gusto ko sana sa vb6.0.., kaso wala ko maisip na title...
lahat n ng.naiisip ko is my nakagawa na last year... pls help me...
email nlng po ako [email protected]

sir i need your help, i need 3 proposal of title thesis for about computer hard ware or software, plss, thanks

I really need your help guys.ung system na directed sa web as well as database din..Please contact [email protected].

sir pde nyu po ba akong mabigyan ng pedeng thesis title na maganda ?

cnu po mkaka2limg sken need q lng po ng objective s thesis q,.....mgbbadyad aq kht mgkano


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