Best thesis titles and systems for Information Technology student

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hello there!

I am an IT graduate and I am willing to help those Information Technology and Computer Science students who have a problem to think their thesis titles..

If you are an IT programmer or IT related please give a suggestions or a title for their thesis..

Please post your suggestions or titles here.

List of Thesis Title for IT Student


pede poh mkihingi ng 3concepts bukas na poh kc yung proposal tnxxxxx

Anu po ang magandang research title na may kasamang hardware or di naman kaya poh web based.

WHATs the best title for the thesis

I am BSIT student I need 3 unique titles and a developer for the thesis.

Txt me here ASAP!

i need help can u give me a 3 title of thesis

good day sir... It student po acou..Pa help naman po sa system proposal namin.. About check-in/ out po ng hotel.. N the billings will automaticaly dsplay kung ilang hours /days sila nag check in.. at naka stored po lhat sa database in the use of microsoft excel.. Plz pa help poh... We dont know how to start w/ my groupmates.. And we will pass this proposal in july 20 13.. Plz help me sir.. This is my emsail add. [email protected].. Plssss.. Help me... Thanks

hello! sir i need some help, please suggest what the is the best title in our thesis project, we need a unique title on our system..our system is LIBRARY STudent Record and you think this system is better.. plzz. [email protected] my email..Thank You and Godbless :)

hi poh pwede patulong kng anu ang pwede maging title nang thesis plx help need namin bukas salamat poh sana sumagot agad kayo
juxt contact 09302163482

Our title is SMS Billing System. Can help me please? :(

Good day! May alam po kayong unique ba system and hindi pa existing ?

guys tulong need ko po ng title thesis... salamat po sagot.............

anu poh ba pwedeng gawing thesis project na gumagamit din ng hardware? like GPS navigation, RFID, SMS or any other android mobile app? thanks.

Penge po ng thesis titles for proposal . Nakakalito kasi . may partner ka pru parang wala..

hello, gud eve to all..
may i request for help for my thesis. survey study computer/technology related. anu po magandang title - give suggest po.. thnx. Godbless

pde po ba ptulong ng pdeng ititle sa thesis related po sa i.t .. nid lng po nmin tnx u ..

pwede po pahingi nang title thesis system pra sa thesis ko! please

Sir, Can you help us regarding our thesis. We still don't have any idea. Application thesis. We're Computer Science specialized in Software Engineering Students. We need your help Sir. As soon as possible. Thank you Sir.

can anyone help us to have an idea about our thesis as an information technology student . I mean , who can suggest a new system for a thesis proposal that is non- existing system .. :) thank you ...

i need thesis proposal title .. can u help me ? :'-(

hi sir,,im proposing a project study of loan in certain cooperative here..i need a sample code for me to base it..tnx 09464547467...

our proposed system is the INTERNET LOCK-UP SYSTEM...
please help me to improve and add more ideas on how we are going to make our system complete and more creative when our defense is approaching...salamat po..

What do you mean by INTERNET LOCK-UP SYSTEM? can you specify? yung talagang gagawin nung system?

ptulong nGA po anu po ang mgandang thesis sa computer technology?plz lng po..

patulong naman pag isip nang thesis proposal. 4th year na ako kailangan ko kahit mga limang thesis title. Im using visual studio 2010 and sql server 2008 or ms access for database. send it to my email [email protected] or text me in 09162270965

Guys. Can you give me thesis titles? More on Networking and Data Communication. Im a CS student. Thanks.

Hello po, IT student po ako.. Pede po ba magpasuggest ng system na pdeng gawin? Yung unique po.. kse po gagamitin namin sa SAD then SE hanggang Capstone na po. Thankyou!

pa help naman po ,..pwidi hingi nang title thesis ung online IT student po kami.

sir can u help us to think what title is the best for our thesis,nahi2rapan na kc kmi mg'icp,graduating student po kmi ng taga AKLAN..thank you,hope u can help us regarding to our thesis title..

have a nice day,,,sir,pwd wala po akong maisip na title,,pwede po ba nyu ako bigyan ng best title about po sa mga system,,,
maraming salamat!!!

I'am 4th yr. student need 1 title related in agriculture.
send me: [email protected]


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