Best thesis titles and systems for Information Technology student

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hello there!

I am an IT graduate and I am willing to help those Information Technology and Computer Science students who have a problem to think their thesis titles..

If you are an IT programmer or IT related please give a suggestions or a title for their thesis..

Please post your suggestions or titles here.

List of Thesis Title for IT Student


MGa sir/mam pa help naman po sa Thesis wla po kc aq maisip eh title defense na po namin sa thursday ty!! paki send na lng po sa email q [email protected]

Hi.. Help naman po.. Any suggestions po na title for artificial intelligence na system pleasee. Or about geotagging and kung meron man po na sample codes please send me here po [email protected] . Thank youuu

suggestion naman poh for a title sa thesis ...

hello poh i am a computer science student ... i need some suggestion based on my thesis title .. what would be less expensive thesis title...

I'm an IT student and we need topic for our capstone project..hope you can help us
email me at [email protected]

im it student what is the best title for thesis

suggestion nga po ng thesis titles ohh..title deefend po kz nmen bukas

...pwede po bigyan ninyo ako ng 3 thesis title po
ang gamit naming ay visual basic at SQL/access

Pa help ako sa thesis wala ako ma isip sa ngayon, kc bago pa kami, taga Asian College of Technology nga pala ako

Im in 3rd college. Need ur help. T.T
Any suggestion na madaling game n pwedeng gawin? Un unique daw po sabi ng pahirap na prof namin. :((
message me on my email [email protected]

pede niung gamitin ang vb10 para sa mga nangangarap jan na magandaatkayang gawin.
edi sa library.. jusko namn make a website na reservation sa library..
And scope eh para hindi na mahirapn ang mga estu dyante mag hanap lagyan niu na rin ng search engine,author,synopsis and other na help ful. im sure kakaunti palang ang nakakagawa nian pero unique yan in different way!!!!

Sir if i may ask can you give us some advice on what topic we would choose for our thesis. Thanks sir.

Hi, I'm having my thesis now. Can you give me some thesis titles that is based on apps or business solutions which is not common nowadays? You can contact me here [email protected]. Your response is very much appreciated. Thank you.

hi hanap po kmi ng katxt..pahelp na din po ng .pwedeng maging title sa thesis namin regarding po sa medical record and billing system .. or kahit anu po na ppwede sa hospital system thanks po

hi im an IT student 3rd year ...ahm hingi lang po sana ng suggestion cayse i need 3 title for my Software Engineering
thank you po

pwd patulong ano mganda i propose na application ?
ngayon? 09361151793

Hi po! 3rd year IT student po ako. Pahelp naman po. Need ko po ng 3 Thesis Title. We are planning to use PHP and MySQL para po sa system namin. Email me here: [email protected] Salamat po! ^___^

I have 3 Topics for my Thesis. Anyone can give me a good title for it?

1. Web + system for restaurant
2. Web + system for travel agency
3. Web + system for mobile company (pang e-store ang dating)

good evening. plese helf me about the title of the thesis.

plese helf me. pwd po bang ako mag tanong kung ano maganda title thesis para sa IT.

kanino po diyan pwede magpatulong ng thesis na android chat application through wifi? tapos browser type po ang gui. contact me ym:[email protected] or fb: thank you!

hello there! I am 4th year student of computer science and we proposed sales inventory monitoring system but the panelist says that we need to do something new to our study, pls any suggestion about what are good to integrate related to this this system? urgent lang po

HI SIR Reservation _ I give the THESIS TITLE COURSE I'm about to BSIT ...HEres my EMAIL [email protected]

Good afternoon
Hi my name is Grace in Hinigaran Negros Occidental
Sir I can ask you for possible title in thesis about Information Technology?

pwede bigyan nyo ako ng tittle para thesis ko..
IT ren poh ako

please help me what could be the best title thesis in this system:

the scopes are:

student could view thier record in accounting, thier assesstment;
at the same time they could view thier grades, also thier class schedule...
hmf?... please help me... u could email me at [email protected]
..thank u and God bless..

Hi sino po marunong jan gumawa ng system? Kailngan po kasi namin ng system ee . Tulong please :) here's my e-add /fb account , paki-pm nalang po ko -> [email protected] thanks !

hello sir Im IT student Im interested with your knowledge and skills.. im just a problem with my thesis, Im just looking for the resources in php programming language to develop (IS)Information system..

email : [email protected]

mag isip ka ng problem, at yung solution ay yung system na idedevelop mo :),,,, dba last week lng ang problem ay tunkol sa baha ..... gawa ka ng system na solution sa problem nyun.... "FLOOd MONITORING SYSTEM"

Guys.. patulong po. :)

May IT Capstones po kasi wla pa po ako maisip na unique na title na pde i propose.

Pde po ba mkahingi sa inyo ng Any Suggestion para sa Title po ?

Thank you.#Help #Help #Help #Help


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