Best thesis titles and systems for Information Technology student

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hello there!

I am an IT graduate and I am willing to help those Information Technology and Computer Science students who have a problem to think their thesis titles..

If you are an IT programmer or IT related please give a suggestions or a title for their thesis..

Please post your suggestions or titles here.

List of Thesis Title for IT Student


paturo naman po about jan.. thanks po!

maybe i can help you with your project.

we are accepting thesis projects

visit our website


[Sports Fest Electronic Scoreboard]kuya,pag yan po ang pinili ku na title para ngaung frst semster, me mai22long po ba kau jan? tanong kulng kpag yan ang gus2 ku magkano po ang bayad mgpagawa kuya? seryosong tanong po 2. God bless!

Thx po sa title ah... hehehehehe

: can u give something new titles for our thesis proposal? it can be software/application. plss..??

anu b mgnda sa mobile application na games.....

sir lynesus_ pwedepohpbah pa xplain nman in ung ID syste nio. i need for my thesis thank you:)[email protected]

tol anu un ang sa vehicles AI ba dun tsaka ma implement din ba dun ung simulation?pde paki send message sa [email protected]


just want to ask what is the function of Information Kiosk Terminal and vehicles simulator? ty

...anybody help me...
share naman kau ng mga title dito...


Hello sir, i am a graduating Computer Science student and i need your help sir to do my requirements in this 1st semester. Can you make me a program named enrollment system for Student Information in school. You can contact me in my e-mail [email protected]

Just send me your reply sir in that site.

sa mga CS jan pwede ito gawin mong thesis bigay ko lang idea.. gawa ka ng simulation about car accident... example nito ay kung ano result ng sasakyan kung ito ay tumatakbo ng 60km/Hr. tas bigla siyang nabundol sa direction na silangang kanluran or (NE) .. pakita mo kung gaanu kalaki ng damage nya.. hehe. lam ko mdjo mahirap un.. need ng physics...

hhhmmm cguro po mga sir! sa mga students na kukuha ng thesis, I suggest don't use VB 6.0 as your programming language, I suggest to use VB.Net ,C#, Java, C++ para mas maenhance ung programming skill po nila!

jun29neci ask ko lang... Have u tried creating Your own framework in vb6.0? or in vb.Net,c# or any programming language?

Software Developer, Web Developer, Graphic Artist, IT Professor

That's a ver good recommendation!!!...yan ang programming,,,hindi puro Object Base

Please help me to have a thesis title.. I am now 4th year Computer science Student of one University in Mindanao. My Name is Ryan Prongco.
I am suffering for almost 2 months of research but still I don't find an Agreeable Thesis Title. Our critics wants to have a study on web services. I don't really understand it. Please do help me explain. And create a thesis concept. You can contact me on my number 09309439610. or email @ [email protected]

..can u help project ako...thesis about sa business system....pwd nyo vah akong m2lungan??
naghahanap lng ako ng title ng libro na about don, ako nlng ang nman po...
kng cnu my alam,plzz znd to dz mail??
[email protected]
tnx....need kna tlga dz wed...

msge muh q 2ruan kta...
[email protected]

can u help me making hotel reservation system on vb.

nid help...can u teach what steps to make...and how can i
help..4 my thesis...just mail me at [email protected]
thnx Info techs...+_+

did anyone have a sample of any online system using php

i have problem on it also....but i can suggest u to do a tutorials so dat u can learn and upgrade ur knowledge...............OK...



anung system ba gusto mo gawin

=>> <<==

can u help me in my capstone problem ? please can i have your email ?

meron k jn thesis n pwdng irevise nlng,,patulong nadin..

pahelp nman po, php po gagawan namin,. wala pa aqng maisip ngaun, pls help.. email me at [email protected]

help me naman para sa capstone(thesis) namin .. yun proposal about program or website .. wala pa kasi ako idea ..
title lang ..

---- eto number ko .. 09488744601

pa help naman..
kylangan ko kc ng title para sa research paper ko...
matutulungan mo ba ako..?..
eto e-mail ko [email protected],, tnx

about entrollment system maganda ...

shinrei feij ventura

about entrollment system maGanda ...

shinrei feij ventura


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