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administrator can add, modify, delete users

I need to create admin page, and the administrator can add, modify, delete users. I need complete tutorial how to do that? Please help, if you know, it is very important
Submitted bynada (not verified)on Sun, 06/03/2012 - 18:03

I need full source or a way that i can change that I can create a full online system using vb .net in with sql server connection for my UG project.. I tried to use yours but it have crystal reports & I don't know hoe to remove it. so it keep giving me error.. further more when i convert the access database to sql I don't know how to remove yours & attch mine.. and if I make the connection via mdf file & it succeed how can I export that database in my project?! am too late of submission but still am hoping a Merial to happen today :(

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