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C# Embedded Resource Problem

Hi, I've got an application that uses XSLT files to convert data between multiple data sources. I created a DataTable interface that has a ToXml and FromXml method for easily moving data around. When the program starts, it checks its configuration directory for these .xsl files, and if they're not there, it creates them by dumping any embedded resource with a .xsl extension to a file using a filestream. Of the 8 files the program can possibly create, there is one that will not work properly. It's the correct size, but the last half (or so) of the file is \0. I retyped the entire thing in case there was a non-displayed EOF character or something stuck in the file do to some copying and pasting I did. No good. The file in question is the last one I added as a resource. Removing it, retyping it, copying from notepad, etc all cause the same problem? Please help. I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. References:- creative infographic design quote Thanks!

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