Inventory Management System Project in Python Free Source Code


Project Title: Inventory Management System

Inventory Management System with Source Code is a Python program that can store and purchase an item. The sole purpose of the system is to manage and organize the list of all items and enable you to purchase the ordered item. This program was created using only Python language.

The project is a console application where you can access by entering certain alphabet keys. The system can make the management and client transactions more efficient and faster. By using the system it can make your transaction convenient and reliable for storing the item data. The system uses a text file to store the list of all items and automatically display the list when the application is launched. The system also has add-to-cart features that let you store your temporary item as you order.

Inventory Management System Project in Python Features:

  • Add an item Menu
    • This is where you can manage the information of an item. You can add a new item by entering the Item Number, Description, and Price.
  • Remove an item Menu
    • From here you can remove a certain item by entering an Item Number of that item.
  • Remove specifics of an item Menu
    • This is where you can update the details of certain items.
  • List all items Menu
    • From here you can view all available items on the list.
  • Inquire about an item Menu
    • In this menu, you check the full details of an individual item.
  • Purchase Menu
    • From here you can purchase an item and add them to a shopping cart.
  • Checkout Menu
    • From here you can checkout your ordered item from the shopping cart.

Inventory Management System Installation:

  1. You will have to download & install the Python IDLE's, here's the link "".
  2. Extract the zip file.
  3. Open the extracted folder
  4. Locate the py file.
  5. Then open the file via python IDLE.
  6. Run the py file to launch the program.


The Inventory Management System is ready to be downloaded, just kindly click the download button below.

I hope that this system can help you to what you are looking for. For more updates and tutorials just kindly visit this site.

Enjoy Coding!!

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Submitted byAnonymous (not verified)on Sat, 06/18/2022 - 09:26

from tkinter import * from tkinter import messagebox import mysql.connector from mysql.connector import Error import tkinter.messagebox import datetime import math #temporary list like sessions products_list=[] product_price=[] product_quantity=[] product_id=[] r = [] class Application(): def __init__(self,master,*args,**kwargs): self.master=master self.left=Frame(master,width=700,height=768,bg='black') self.left.pack(side=LEFT) self.right = Frame(master, width=666, height=768, bg='gray') self.right.pack(side=RIGHT) #components self.heading=Label(self.left,text="JUDAY'S STORE",font=('arial 40 bold'),fg='white',bg='black'),y=0) self.date_l=Label(self.right,text="Today's Date: "+str(date),font=('arial 16 bold'),bg='gray',fg='white'),y=0) #table invoice======================================================= self.tproduct=Label(self.right,text="Products",font=('arial 18 bold'),bg='gray',fg='white'),y=60) self.tquantity = Label(self.right, text="Quantity", font=('arial 18 bold'), bg='gray', fg='white'), y=60) self.tamount = Label(self.right, text="Amount", font=('arial 18 bold'), bg='gray', fg='white'), y=60) #enter stuff self.enterid=Label(self.left,text="Enter Product's ID",font=('arial 18 bold'),fg='white',bg='black'),y=80) self.enteride=Entry(self.left,width=25,font=('arial 18 bold'),bg='lightblue'),y=80) self.enteride.focus() #button self.search_btn=Button(self.left,text="Search",width=22,height=2,bg='orange',command=self.ajax),y=120) #fill it later by the fuction ajax self.productname=Label(self.left,text="",font=('arial 27 bold'),bg='white',fg='steelblue'),y=250) self.pprice = Label(self.left, text="", font=('arial 27 bold'), bg='white', fg='steelblue'), y=290) #total label self.total_l=Label(self.right,text="",font=('arial 40 bold'),bg='lightblue',fg='white'),y=600) def ajax(self,*args,**kwargs): self.conn = mysql.connector.connect(host='localhost', database='inventory_system', user='root', password='') self.get_id=self.enteride.get() #get the product info with that id and fill i the labels above self.mycursor = self.conn.cursor() self.mycursor.execute("SELECT * FROM inventory WHERE id= %s",[self.get_id]) self.pc = self.mycursor.fetchall() if self.pc: for self.r in self.pc: self.get_id=self.r[0] self.get_name=self.r[1] self.get_price=self.r[3] self.get_stock=self.r[2] self.productname.configure(text="Product's Name: " +str(self.get_name),fg='white',bg='black') self.pprice.configure(text="Price:RS. "+str(self.get_price),fg='white',bg='black') #craete the quantity and the discount label self.quantityl=Label(self.left,text="Enter Quantity",font=('arial 18 bold'),fg='white',bg='black'),y=370) self.quantity_e=Entry(self.left,width=25,font=('arial 18 bold'),bg='lightblue'),y=370) self.quantity_e.focus() #discount self.discount_l = Label(self.left, text="Enter Discount", font=('arial 18 bold'),fg='white',bg='black'), y=410) self.discount_e = Entry(self.left, width=25, font=('arial 18 bold'), bg='lightblue'), y=410) self.discount_e.insert(END,0) #add to cart button self.add_to_cart_btn = Button(self.left, text="Add to Cart", width=22, height=2, bg='orange',command=self.add_to_cart), y=450) #genrate bill and change self.change_l=Label(self.left,text="Given Amount",font=('arial 18 bold'),fg='white',bg='black'),y=550) self.change_e=Entry(self.left,width=25,font=('arial 18 bold'),bg='lightblue'),y=550) self.change_btn= Button(self.left, text="Calculate Change", width=22, height=2, bg='orange',command=self.change_func), y=590) #geneerate bill button self.bill_btn = Button(self.left, text="Generate Bill", width=100, height=2, bg='red',fg='white',command=self.generate_bill), y=640) else: messagebox.showinfo("success", "Done everything smoothly") def add_to_cart(self,*args,**kwargs): self.quantity_value=int(self.quantity_e.get()) if self .quantity_value >int(self.get_stock): tkinter.messagebox.showinfo("Error","Not that any products in our stock.") else: #calculate the price first self.final_price=(float(self.quantity_value) * float(self.get_price))-(float(self.discount_e.get())) products_list.append(self.get_name) product_price.append(self.final_price) product_quantity.append(self.quantity_value) product_id.append(self.get_id) self.x_index=0 self.y_index=100 self.counter=0 for self.p in products_list: self.tempname=Label(self.right,text=str(products_list[self.counter]),font=('arial 18 bold'),bg='gray',fg='white'),y=self.y_index) self.tempqt = Label(self.right, text=str(product_quantity[self.counter]), font=('arial 18 bold'), bg='gray', fg='white'), y=self.y_index) self.tempprice = Label(self.right, text=str(product_price[self.counter]), font=('arial 18 bold'), bg='gray', fg='white'), y=self.y_index) self.y_index+=40 self.counter+=1 #total confugure self.total_l.configure(text="Total : Rs. "+str(sum(product_price)),bg='gray',fg='white') #delete self.quantity_e.place_forget() self.discount_l.place_forget() self.discount_e.place_forget() self.productname.configure(text="") self.pprice.configure(text="") self.add_to_cart_btn.destroy() #autofocus to the enter id self.enteride.focus() self.quantityl.focus() self.enteride.delete(0,END) def change_func(self,*args,**kwargs): self.amount_given=float(self.change_e.get()) self.our_total=float(sum(product_price)) self.to_give=self.amount_given-self.our_total #label change self.c_amount=Label(self.left,text="Change: Rs. "+str(self.to_give),font=('arial 18 bold'),fg='red',bg='black') ,y=600) def generate_bill(self,*args,**kwargs): self.mycursor.execute("SELECT * FROM inventory WHERE id=%s",[self.get_id]) self.pc = self.mycursor.fetchall() for r in self.pc: self.old_stock=r[2] for i in products_list: for r in self.pc: self.old_stock = r[2] self.new_stock=int(self.old_stock) - int(self.quantity_value) #updating the stock self.mycursor.execute("UPDATE inventory SET stock=%s WHERE id=%s",[self.new_stock,self.get_id]) self.conn.commit() #inster into transcation self.mycursor.execute("INSERT INTO transaction (product_name,quantity,amount,date) VALUES(%s,%s,%s,%s)",[self.get_name,self.quantity_value,self.get_price,date]) self.conn.commit() print("Decreased") tkinter.messagebox.showinfo("success","Done everything smoothly") root=Tk() Application(root) root.geometry("1366x768+0+0") root.title("Inventory Management System by IT Source Code")

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