Fingerprint - Based Employee Attendance System

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Fingerprint - Based Employee Attendance System is a capstone project that I made for a particular school. It has a front-end of Visual Basic.Net 2008 and MS Access as back-end. Install also GrFinger software for the fingerprint driver.

Features of the system:

- Biometric Fingerprint Scanner
- Save Fingerprint and image to database
- Recognize Fingerprint during attendance
- Add employee information
- Employee Attendance
- Remarks of Employee's Attendance such as Late and Overtime
- Employee's Attendance Records
- Reports

For more inquiries and need programmer for your thesis systems in any kind of programming languages, just contact my number below.

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pls wha thardware device which you used for the fingerprint scan.

can you give me the hardware device which you use to develop the fingerprint

Software developer at Duotech Tanzania Limited
[email protected]

Hi, have you ever got any answer to your question? could you please share it with me, I also need to know the followings : 1. The Fingerprint scanner device name that this .NET project is going to be connected to
2. When I open the project in visual studio 2008, it says Library missing GrFingerXLib
3. does it update .csv file in real time when somebody uses device
the device should have Wi-Fi, its convenient to use it anywhere
it should update .csv or database in realtime
is it working this way? could you please help with my questions

How can I install my application to my desktop after downloading it
Normally it produces error 299

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