Best thesis titles and systems for Information Technology student

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hello there!

I am an IT graduate and I am willing to help those Information Technology and Computer Science students who have a problem to think their thesis titles..

If you are an IT programmer or IT related please give a suggestions or a title for their thesis..

Please post your suggestions or titles here.

List of Thesis Title for IT Student


bigyan mu nga ako ng magandang title sa thesis

I am an it student of laguna and i need some help regarding sa tesis ko kasi medyo nahihirapan akong magdecide kung anong title ang gagamitin ko. My tesis is a system that can send through sms regarding of billing and attendance of a students of one tutorial center here in laguna.and i plan to use a gsm modem for my tesis and php ang gagamitin kong programming language.ano po ang maaadvice nyo sakin?

Gamitin mo nlng ung may gsm modem and anong type ng program ang gagamitin mo i mean kung Java ba o ano?

student monitoring using fingerPrint with SMS alert to parents/guardian (using digital personel)

Ask ko lng po pano macoconnect ung system sa hardware na gagamitin sa fingerprint? Tsaka pano masesent ung sa guardian once na pumasok ang students? Further explaination pls. Pretty pls. Thanks. :-)

sr/maam maganda po yan system na naicp nio. pero mdali lng pu ba gawin yan. magbabayad aqu pagawa lng ng system tnx

kuya may alam kabang code para dyan??

may sample codes po ba kayo para bairstow using vb?

h!.....puh....pwde nyo poh vah akng m2lungn sa thesis? anung thesis ang simple lng ,,,,,kc mhirtp kc

help naman po sa thesis title cs po kami

can you give me idea to have a title thesis just contact me 09105382901. advance thanks :)

can you be my txtmate?

Pwede po ba humingi nang title pls.....

Hi can you give a the sample of thesis

kailangan kulang nang idea sa title thesis.. capstone project kac kami...

can u give some title that unique. That can use a device for sure plz... tnx. this is my email add. [email protected]..
email me..

pwde bigay u pa ng ibang title about thesis ung kakaiba ginagamitan ng device para namn unique sya... tnx..

please help me with my thesis the title is "on-line courseware" intro to CS... i dont know how to start it... i urgently need it po.. tnx..

From what system and language are you using? what is your thesis nature? I mean... Is it all about what? [email protected] my fb thanks :)

need thesis tilte..plss...ung winapps or mobile apps...

pls email me at [email protected]..

sir need q po sana ng gawang thesis na pang capstone sir it po aq !!!reply plzz mga magkano naman po bayad .

amh mga 50,000 lang po madali lng yan sir

what programming language need mo?
and anonng klaseng system?
can you explain it further?

email me at: [email protected]

hai. i had a problem .. i need to make a system can you help me to make it ?

hai i need help po

Sir sa POS system po. need po ba nang computer and other biometrics?need some codes po thanks. . using vb 6.0

ako po sir ganan po ksi ang title nmin ang about biometrics ..
title po ii "automated ID system " under po sia pra sa secure ng mga student pra hndi mkpasok ang mga outsiders .

hello po nagawa nyo na po ba. ang thesis nato automated iD systeM*

hardware lang

ok lang dapat ako talaga


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