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This point of sale system supports Barcode on sales transaction. It has a user friendly interface that a user can understand. I'm using Microsoft Access as a backend database.

The features of this system are the following:

- using barcode for sales transaction
- add, edit, delete product
- generate reports
- search product
- shortcut button
- and many more

To Login to the admin page just click admin button and enter the "Admin" password in the textbox.

To lock the application click the lock button or just press ALT+C.

Password to unlock:12345

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I like your POS system very much. I have shown it to some of my clients because its so easy to use. If you can help me to change some things here and there, I can sell it and share the money with you. Please email me if you are interested [email protected]. I think we can make some good business. Hope to hear from you soon.

Please give me the codes, I only need for my study please

Probably a good app. BUT, no documentation, the authors video has poor English and way too fast to understand. Includes a database but no information about that or how to create the DB settings. When the program is shown running in the video, the settings have already been set up but no way to run the app without adding the settings, and no cleay way of adding the settings without running the app!!! Pity, looked like a promising program.

Pahinge po ng code.thank you po

Hi I have a problem with my autonumber field specifically the sales id. Everytime I add a new item there is always a negative 1 (-1) that appears inside the textbox. How are you able to remove it and show the latest number of record instead? Salamat!

pahinge ng code pls. tnx

pahingi naman ng code neto.please ^___^ thankyou


sir bakit di po nag rerefresh ang form reciept nito?

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