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As the time changes, people is searching for a medium that they can use in communicating and others continue to discover some instrument that will help them communicate with other people in an easy and obtainable way.

Users also have an account, can upload profile picture, update personal status, add friends, send message, chat, add new threads in forum and especially profile updates to know the latest updates of their friends.

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Dear Sir

Could you please give me mysql database file for the project chmscnet
[email protected]

pls send me a link to download db ^_^
[email protected]

A great project.. Thank you so much.. Can I use it for my organisation?

i'm unable to add friends or view any other person.
guide me.


Username: joy
Pw: mjoy0921rey0308


please send the database of this application in <<[email protected].


can you send me mysql file(database)to me at [email protected]
thank you

Error in Login.php and register.php.. can you help me to solve these problem ?

this is nice project that is important any students who wants to develop web in this area NICE LOOKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hi, welldon. pls is there any admin page or dashboard where those advert,news and link can be update? thanks

hello, I need this project but could not find database please send me database, [email protected]

your project is so good.please send database to my email [email protected]

Where is portfolio_single.php file

please send me the database to my email : [email protected]

While m logging getting a error on login.php page i.e session_register(is)

mysql_fetch_assoc ( ) here i m getting warning

sir can u send me a database to this email [email protected]... thanks ... and more power

can u send me the database my email is [email protected]

please i nid the database send it hir [email protected]

Thank I GOT it.....everything works OK.......Thank God Bless sa post ninyo

pliz send mi the db on [email protected]

can i ask something where i can configure the email after register?

i try to register and choose my own email but when i try to open my email there is no validation so can't register

would u mind f i ask you to send into my email the complete files.,.,because the files ive been downlaoded is incomplete it dont have the friends_profile.php page.,.tanx in advance,.
me email:[email protected]

very nice project.


your project is very good can you send me the database on [email protected]

Hello the code is nice but though the data base is not there.I would like you to quote for me,the price for you to design me a social networking site by the name Nicpila .and i can also send you the logo .i will be greatful to have your service at your comfort.i will be launching my website soon and i would like to do business with you under software development.thank you please reply

can you please send me the .sql.. i admire your work thnx po :))))

i want to save this project.....

please send me the database please .my email [email protected]

Plz send me how to run this project my emailid [email protected]

plz send me database for this project
my emailid is [email protected]

Is it there I just downloaded the code

please send me the database please. [email protected]

it's awesome.........

the database has a problem please send it to me [email protected]

please send me the database please.. [email protected]

please send to me the database please i cant execute the database it has error.. please send it to me [email protected] tnx i will wait for it....

plz send me database at [email protected]

please send me the database of your php program in my email
[email protected]

can't access to database
what's user name and password to register

You may now download the code w/ its database.

man pls. me the database of your php program in my email
[email protected] tnx poh & god blez...

were very sorry, weve forgot to include the sql file in the zip. just download it again. its complete.tnx have a good day.

e-mail me pls the Format of ur Database u've using in ur php e-mail [email protected]

[email protected]
Software Developer

were very sorry, weve forgot to include the sql file in the zip. just download it again. its complete.tnx have a good day.

hello...u did gud job ..but when i run it onto a offline mode as localhost server..its working ..but when on online server ..the login panel is not is failed to fetch data from database or failed to load to home page...plz reply soon ([email protected]) what to do ...

please do send me the database of this Social Networking Site (CHMSCnet) this is my email: [email protected] thank you in advance. hope you will response immediately :)

i want sql file my own wap

were very sorry, weve forgot to include the sql file in the zip. just download it again. its complete.tnx have a good day.


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