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I use broadband and end up downloading quite a bit of data.

The service provider's site give the user a link to check usage (eg. for the current month or any other already biile months). However the site is very slow and at times the site just refuses to load or produces error messages.

Could you please help me in suggeting how I could have a small app on my system which would track the kilobytes sent and received and record in a database for retrieval and viewing later. A source code to start off would be really nice.


Many thanks.


Hi sir,
this is Ven. and i need a project On Distributed Denial of Service Detection and Defending in Java..
Is it possible to get that?...

and my mail id is [email protected]

Thanks & regards

Good day to you
Im looking for a codes that could help me in my recent work.
Im trying to develop an internet download file tracking software that will notify me for all downloaded file into my machine (including the wesite address) or user within same network.
If you have any hint or some source that is similar to what im searching for that could become my starting point it will help a lots.
Thank you indeed




hi sir

may i ask some advise

if you know where can i have

great OJT experience

i need it this summer


and godbless

Where are you from?

I really wanted to help but I'm busy with Hotel Reservation program as of now.

 code pls.

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