Class Scheduling and Time Tabling System - VB.NET

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I would like to share here my Scheduling System in VB.Net Version, this system is only a part of my High School Enrollment System that consist of 8 modules(registrar,grader,controller,scheduler,checker/assessor, collector/cashier,administrator, and the Web Transcript).

This system covers timetable for a school, high-school or university. It uses a fast and efficient timetabling algorithm.

This has the capability show Room Schedule,Section Schedule, Faculty Schedule and can suggest Room Availability and Faculty Availability by displaying through graphical way.

This is a demo system so expect not all the functionality can be fully use.

Please fell free to use my DEMO system... and you can also visit my C# version for this one

Class Scheduling and Time Tabling System

Please fell free to use and PLEASE DONT FORGET TO COMMENT "Thanks" if you find my System useful to you... But if u take it for granted.. maybe I'll take some steps to remove this post =)

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Thanks..... Its already meant when anyone downloads the code.. Plz dont delete the post.... Programmers like you are needed today and for the future..... :)

thanks.................. for this

hi sir.. can I ask for the data flow diagram for this module?.please. I need it in my project development subject. here's my email: [email protected] thanks in advance sir. God bless..

hi sir.. can I ask for the data flow diagram for this module?.please. I need it in my project development subject. here's my email: [email protected] thanks in advance sir. God bless

it is not useful it doesnt run!

Thanks... But I don't think so.... I double check it before I post and it runs...if it doesn't run I'll expect many users would post here saying my project has defects... Try to download it again...

Maybe you're insecure that's why you post negative...ehehehehehehehe...

May God Bless you...

maybe you dont have the software of VB

this program is very useful, and fantasic ;)

This Program has been very usefull and fantastic
Thanx Alot!



Thanks for the great code. I'm so inspired when somebody share this kind of code.

I hope you can also share the whole module as you've mentioned above

The whole system is compose of 8 modules.. and each modules are for sale.. and sorry I can't share it.... this module I shared here is only 25% from my original scheduling system.....

sir how much your program cost? the 100% one not the 25%..thanks....
[email protected]

how can irun it???

you can use either SharpDevelop 4.1 or Visual C# 2010....

Useless code! How can it be a scheduling system if you can't add schedule?

ahahahahahaha lol..... maybe you just don't know how to use it... I double check my system and 100% can able to add new schedule...... and it only prove that your lying...hahahahahaha

To add new Schedule
-> first Add Subject.. -> Go to Settings then go to Subject Tab... then add new Subject - > then save
-> next, Go to Subject Offering then select the subject you newly added, right click and select OFFER SUBJECT then the Scheduler form will show..then fill up all the required fields in making schedule.. then save....

Thats it.. that is how to add schedule in my scheduling system..

its nice sir me i have a flow chart of this sir and it is possible that it will run in vb6? can send a the flow chart sir of this this is my email. [email protected]

hi TS i downloaded this one to check how the scheduling system works but unfortunately, each time i click certain components say for example curriculum, it prompts error messages about oledb 4.0 connection. my guess is that is because of the database but i cant edit it myself because the solution file is not within the zip file. any thoughts?

Thanks good works.

thank a lot dear

thanks, ehh i dont see source code, where ? can you send me, my email [email protected]

this is my email [email protected]

i nid this system badly.. :(

Llcan you send me the source code in please....


I've downloaded it, great work. But why can't open the forms (source code and design in VB.NET? I get an error message: "There is no editor available for 'frmTimeTabling.vb'. Make sure the application for the file type (.vb) is installed."
What's the promblem? Can you convert it again to anyone could open it in

Use Visual Studio 2010 Express or higher version to open it or try also SHARP DEVELOP 4.1 to open it... my project is design and develop under open source IDE like the #Develop. So Im confident it can be run on VS 2010

thanks...i know it will be a big help for our thesis...

Hello Sir.. can I ask for the data flow diagram for this module?.please. I need it in my project development document. here's my email: [email protected].I also need to find out how to run/compile this demo.

Hi Philip ! Did you sell this to High Schools? or just doing it for free? its very clear you're not a developer but a coder. But anyway thanks for sharing your talent, you have the potential I think just fuck the .Net hard!

Yup Im selling this... Actually this is just a 25% of my 8 Modules Integrated High School Enrollment System..., And Your welcome for your compliment..hehehehehe....

hi my name is theophilus am looking forward to do more work on this project please send me any documentation on this project
[email protected]

hi i'm rairyuu dude can i ask wheres the whole program??? can i please have a sample??? i desperately need it thanks..., hehehe...,^^

[email protected]

sir how much the program cost..the 100%..

[email protected]

need it personally..thanks

Thanks .... its really a great thing ... i am sure that we can communicate through mail to share knowledge and experience ... and for sure to get more information about this project.

Can this solve conflicts? If so, i thank u with all my life for we have to survive this SAD shit and have to make schedules for our enrollment system. Thanks, man. Can i contact u if i have questions? :)

puwede mo ba ako tulungan once click ko ang save button error message ERROR SYTAX INSERT INTO STATEMENT. can you please help me i am new here in

Can u please send me uy email address or email me on
[email protected]
Thank you

hi.. this system is of great use with the project that am working on..
Could you help me with the source code of the whole project ?
[email protected]
Thank you

it is not downloading.......... upload it again please.......

thanks...this can help me with our project:)..i check on the source codes it kinda different on the way we code things but i'm getting it...except for the functions your using...are using a or a vb6 program?...its really confusing bec. i'm using vb and i'm new to it..

Im pretty new to visual basic, havent used it that much before so how how do i open it correctly?

Could you please send the complete source code to this email address [email protected].

i did not know how to open it

can not run sir

Philip Cesar B. Garay
Web Developer/System Developer/Mobile Developer/Freelance Programmer
Email: [email protected]

thanks is a great project but icant found the efficient timetabling algorithm.
please can you explain me where is the algorithm and his fuctionalities


Hi, why does the subject offering button isn't working. Are the source codes complete? or it is just a trial or something? pls help. I'm using VB.Net 2013

It is good to see some good code.

thanks to send me the code [email protected]


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