Grading System for VB6 Beginner user

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Hi, i'am a new member here,

i already shared this project from pinoyunderground forum site.. i want to share this also on this site.

This grading system have many function that very useful for all the beginners student.

application: japz
database pass: userko

Win Xp only ->because of customized color of the form, sorry my mistake but you can change this color to default color if you want :)

addons recommended:

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tnx for this!!! it helps!!!

is it possible to edit the source code of that program?

Hello, anyone can help me, i need a visual basic program that have add edit search delete buttons and as well as the codes through using the datagrid(adodc. Please please please. God bless us

can u give me the codes? i really need this badly because its also my project.. plss send the codes..i cant open the download code.. thank u soo much this is a big help 4 me..

thank you for that opinion, this is just a vb6, we all know that vb6 is already abandoned by ms corp,
this is just a sample application, this is not for commercial application,
and anyway.. i said, "but you can change this color to default color if you want.." from the source code,
so you can view the installed application properly in other windows, specially in Window 7 and Vista.

by the way.. don't forget to visit my site


when developing applications... you should always take consider on the system requirements of your system... many users might not appreciate your work... please take consider on the software engineering procedures.....

dude the trick here is that
why would a programmer will share his stuffs that easily
when we spent time,dedication and brains just to developed frameworks,styles, distinctive approach and codes.

professional programmer

Good Thank!

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