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This program act like the famous iTunes software..
it has a Mp3 Player, a Mp3 song search function, and a Music Library where your mp3 files save in… you can save mp3/mwa files from your local drive to your Music Library in your application folder using a Drag and Drop Event… Just Drag mp3 files and Dropped it to the Music Library Box in the form and the mp3 files save into your Music Library Folder… and after that, the mp3 song title will be populated in the list view control right after dropping it into the Music Box, and it is ready to Play or to be copy to the USB drive or somewhere you want….

Very important.. First.. Move the MP3Storage folder to your local Drive C:\ before running this program to make this work coz i dont know how to change the connection string at run time of adodc1 control that use in this program

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lupet naman neto .. pagaaralan ko pero i make my own version .. :)))

Nice dudes i like your style, can i make it, well you help for this!.... thanks

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