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Hello everyone this is my first time to submit a game code in C/C++ it is a simple Tic Tac Toe Version 1.0 program. The code is quiet complex for a beginner in C/C++ programming because it has many conditions it is a good experience if you are planning to learn artificial intelligence programming using C/C++ as your language.

If you find this code useful send me an email at [email protected]. People here in the Philippines who wish to contact me they can reach me at my mobile number 09296768375. Thank you very much and Happy Programming.


Mr. Jake Rodriguez Pomperada, MAED - Instructional Technology


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can u gave me now a source code of your program? as in now na po :) tnx. and kung pwde poba i2 sa java applet? tnx again. pls. rply agad.

can you post the code for the tic tac toe game and the output is similar in your output..

Hi, thanks for you source code but I have problem when I wanna execut 'undefined reference to `clrscr ', I'm novice, So I wait for your answer tks

i live iran


you're a genius DUDE thanks alot really appreciate your work man this my email [email protected] or [email protected] . i'll add you latter dude


nice its work...

Can you please the java code for these game

Hey, Jake. your program works as a .exe file, but it won't run in C-Free. How do i get this work?

Thank you in advance. =)

how can i download turbo C 2.0? what site can u recommend? i tried to install it but it says that it needed a compiler.. may i ask how to get a compiler? pleas reply. thanx",)

may i ask something about to your code? if i'm using turbo c 3.0 from borland you think it will work??

Hi your program wont compile on DevC++ almost all of the programs I tried compiling and running here is not working on DevC++. can you please post the link where I could download the compiler (Turbo C 2.0 for DOS)? Is it free btw?

Pinoy nga po pala ako!


did u olready found the site on where to download the turbo c 2.0??

panu mo iexplain ung condition nya...hehe:)

have a nice day po:)

pwedeng pkiexplain poh ung algorithm ng tic tac toe?
ppllllssss poh..

hi.. havE a GoOd Day.. kUYa BkA pEde PoNG GuMaWA K NG CoDe nG tIcTacToe Sa CpP gAmiT lNg AnG hEaDeR fIlE nA iOsTreAm.H..
pLs Poh.. TnX..!!

Can you please post also java code of Tic Tac Toe Game! Please

   kua nacopy ko na ung source codde mo...kea lang po na specify mo na kelangan gumamit ng c++  

kua pwede ko bang gamitin ung turbo c.....magrurun kea siya


tnx po ...

Jasmin hir


Yes you can use Turbo C 2.0 it will run the code perfectly without any changes needed. Thanks for droping me some question about my work. Take care always and God Bless.





Hello Jaker!


I got linker error TV.LIB at run time. If possible then plz reply me.




Hi Deepa,

  What compiler you use to run my code? Im using Turbo C 2.0 for DOS from Borland International. I dont use any elaborate libraries in my program it is a simple libraries that Turbo C 2.0 provided that I use. Thank you for downloading and use my code.


Jake :-D


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