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It is usefull for those who has intend to learn the c++ language effiecienty..,Theme of the s/w is how the students record will be created in file ,it consist exellent interface design and login screan code in c++.
The usage of goto and stringcomaparisions were using widely in this project .It is mini project in my 3rd semister.
This project has done by the RAJESH.T(MCA),I thanks to Mr.Aswini kumar(MCA) who has given guidence to do this project and I sincere thanks to Mr.V.RAMANA sir(HOD,KMMIPS,TIRUPATHI) for given this opertunity to show my passion


At last of the program used my team mates names before re-use this s/w dont forget modifications of names..................ur RAJESH(zeal guy)

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outputs are available ?
because my tc is not working !

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