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Last week I change the template of this website. I am wondering if you like the new design. My friend told me that he likes the old one.

Please write a comment below if you have seen the previous design of this website. I am willing to change the design back to its previous appearance.

Your comments will be of great help if you can also express yourself for the betterment of this website.

For those who do not see the previous design. It has a two sidebar at the right side of the page. Contrary to the new design that the sidebar is located at the left and right side.

Thank you very much and happy coding!



Ok the site is good and code help us,and pliz can you help me on this one...ONLINE Graduate CURRICULUM VITAE SYSTEM ,it got 8 forms to complete:
Personal Information
Desired employment
Occupational field
Work experience
Education and training
Personals kills and competences
Additional information and annexes
...........then you save your CV.
pliz help on these forms @ [email protected]

Everything is very open with a clear explanation of the challenges.
It was truly informative. Your site is extremely helpful.
Many thanks for sharing!

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