Server Monitoring For Web Applications

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In my previous topic about web hosting I discuss on how to review a site before deciding on where to host your website.
There are some cases where you want to host you own website on your own computer. Although I don’t recommend building your own infrastructure because I was doing it before and failed so many times due to the complexity of system maintenance.
In regards with this, I found good resources on the internet that can do server monitoring and systems maintenance. The best of this software is that it is free and open source. You don’t have to worry about some businesses that come and go.
I also found a good review of this software that it is easy to install. You don’t even have to worry on calling their customer support just in case you’d like to buy the enterprise edition.
Hyperic has also good information that can be found on their website. Kindly, visit their website for more information about server maintenance.

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