How To Prepare Project ?

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Hello Friends,

There are some Tips given below to prepare any project easily.
1.Decide what you want to do.
2.Make deep analysis over subject.
3.Think : " We can do it OR Not ? ".
4.if No then leave Project and try to wash urself.
5.If yes then what are the required tools.
6.How we can collect all the required tools.
7.Collect required tools.
8.Now,It's time to rock.......Bana do aisa kuch jo dunia soch na sakay.
9.If problem occurs during development refer some good books and tutorial.
10.You will see,You have designed............
     Whatever you wanted.........................
Any Suggestion :
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And what about remain ?

Now during the development if you are feeling trouble.Just refer books,contact to your teachers,and use internet.Over internet you will get each and everything whatever you want.but after every possible aspect you are not satisfied contact me.
Kumar Gaurav Jain

I totally agree on number 1. Without knowing first what you would like to do, then you are stuck.
Think first on the project that you need. It's very hard to start working when you do not know what you are going to do.

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