Hotel Reservation Update

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I wish to finish this program as soon as possible. I am working hard to make it better and would like to update you about it.

My productivity in using VB.NET 2008 are very slow because of lack of time, computer hardware issue (in terms of speed - I hope I have a quad core processor), coding changes, et.

But I promise that this program could make a difference from other programmer. It has all the functionality that you need. I'm using a coding techniques that will save you resources and lines of code.

I'm hoping also that you will help me answer some question from beginners. This way it will lessen my load. :)

If you'd like to received an update about this program please enter your email address at the right side of this window.


Sorry for the stupid question but what right side of the window? I am interested in the updated version. And thanks for your efforts & great Job! Regards, Susan

You can enter your email address at the right side bar to subscribe in my feedburner account.

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