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Thanks to all who voted for the next version of Hotel Reservation System. I am now ready to code for this next release.

However, since this program is design only for desktop I am planning to add a web based. But I cannot do this if MS Access is our backend.

You know that MS Access database is not optimize for web. As a side note, I would like again to solicit from your sincere comments if you'd like to have a web based application for Hotel Reservation System.

If you need a web based then I will use SQL Server instead of MS Access.

I would like also to call the attention of stancafe who really like to have an Access database instead of SQL Server. Your comments is very much appreciated.

Thank you



Great help, thank you.

Great work. I need this to assist with desktop application.

please send me the coding of sql of hotel management system send this on my mail [email protected]

hello can i have your database reservation system so i also can use it in my hotel please?!1

Samo_krose @

i will be appreciated thanks

hi can i get this code in 2005. because i do not have 2008

[email protected]

thank u.....

gud day sir!!!
can you help me bout my project??
can I know the system feature of hotel reservation management???
i hope that you will be able to send me the answer of this matter


I would like to know how can i get the code to open Hotel Reservation System

hi, im using visual studio 2005. When I try to open your project obviously it doesnt work. How can I get round this?

I have two version of Hotel Reservation. One is vb 6.0 and the other is 2008.

how to get the coorrect code?

ave managed to log in!!!!!! ave been trying forever ...

Thats fine with me... i will do my best in editting it and will get back to you when i hit a snug....


Thanks anyway

Hi guyz....


i was impressed by you billing system and the class of coding you employed there ..keep it up...



am in search of a program that can manage the databank of a charitable organisation and i was thinking of going with your billing system and see if i can edit it to fit there needs....NB your name will be there by the way and i will forward it to you the moment i manage to do it...i was asking if you might have a program that can do a similar thing...monitoring contributions from partners....


Thanks bro..([email protected])

Yes you are right. The coding is very neat and this is the most well designed program I've ever uploading including the Hotel Reservation.

I'm afraid this will not fit your requirements because this is solely for the cable billing system. But if you can edit it then but would be fine.

For the monitoring contributions I don't think I can do this since I'm very busy with my work plus I'm currently upgrading Hotel Reservation to version. it already

Hi sir,i really appreciate Ur honesty.i 'm level 300 Comp Sc Student. Ur code really enlighten me.
"Honesty is spiritual power."

Thank you

hello. i would like to ask if do you know how to make a 'room availability calendar'? thank you.

Actually I have that features called inventory, it doesn't look like a calendar but it will serve what you need.

I will add that in my next version.

I just would like to remind you for a very important feature before you start. The main screen should have the list of available and ocuppied rooms for few days back and forward. You have the querry ready in the old database (which i think does not need any modification. The querry name is qry_Available_Rooms. but you have to write a code to display the availability in different colors for ex.:

If ( ReturnedRow.field.status="Vaccant")




if the room is occupied it will be in red.

This screen can help the persons working at the lobby to easily find available rooms by colors. You must also enable quick checkin by double clicking on the available room screen.

thats all for now :)



Thank you.

Your request has been noted.


Can I use the Hotel Program in my bussines, its free?? and another question, How can I edit the reports???, I need the reports in Spanish. I dont know nothing about programming but I can talk with some one who knows about visual basic or another programming language.....


Greetings from mexico

Yah. Sure! You can use it for free. Tell your programmer to edit everything except for the credit. Please don't delete my name in the about form.

That's all I need.

What do i think ???

1.Well i agree that ms sql is easier to be used for web based, but access is possible too (i have done it).

2.Second i dont see why you want to develop a web based, there are many open source hotel written for web based, and to compete with them is harder. Tell me how many open source hotel managmen software are open source as desktop application? If you dont know i will tell you. NONE exept the one posted by you which i must admit that its not complete, only like 80% is dont.

3. Web based is usually dont for using with PDA, but again why should a hotel use PDA at the loby when you have a PC. PDA can be used only at the restaurant for which you'll have to write other software to be added as a plugin to the hotel software.

4. Web based can be used only for accepting reservation using the internet, and then transfer them to the desktop version, where a human must confirm them, or the application might automaticly respond them (but i dont prefer this becouse of fake reservation or froudelent)

5. I think that the User Interface should be a priority, and it should be very user friendly.

6. I hope the new versions will be complete. I can help you with ideas but i dont have time to help you developing it, im too bussy.

And something off the topic, write me an email if you want to exchange banners or links with my blog.

I will be waiting for answers or comments

I have asked around and every one is saying that the statement in par 1 is incorrect. Access database was not written for the web and connot be used web based.

Is it possible to enlight us. I would like to see their faces.




Whew! I'm impress. That's why I email you just to have your comments. So, I will start working with it now. Using MS Access as the back-end database.

As for the functionality and features of the said program kindly reply it here so others will see your request.

No need to help me. I can do it alone.

Thank you very much. 


I have two places that I rent out. I am very interested in a program that can handle my bookings. However, I am often on the road and need to be able to do it online. Can you please assist me. I am not running at a profit at this stage and are looking for a free program. My email address is [email protected]

I will really appreciate it.


Johan Van Zyl

South Africa


Sorry but I cannot help you if you need a customize system.

we're looking forward to your next upgrade sir..^^

well, i enjoy cause i'm developing this kind of problem. it was helpfull.


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