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Here's another website that has a good review for top 10 webhosts. Although, I totally agree with the list but I would like to put the hostgator as the number 1 or number 2. I talked to the customer support of hostmonster and they admit that they cannot hold a lot of traffic exceeding 150,000 page views especially if you are hosting a lot of files.
I don’t hear about inmotion hosting also and I don’t highly recommend it. Godaddy has also a good reputation and it must be at the top of the list of webhosts. So, I think the top of the list should be:


I don’t care about the other list. Yahoo is good but they are not belong to cheap webhosts. When selecting a web hosting company don’t just choose because it too cheap. Sometimes, selecting this kind of web host will also penalize you in the future just like what happen to me in the previous month.
As a final thought I highly recommend visiting a website like that has a good review about different web hosting. In this way you’ll save a lot of time searching it yourself.


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