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Should Everyone Learn How to Code?

That question is related to the recent announcement of United States of America President Barack Obama during the "Computer Science Education Week," as he said, young generation should learn how to code, as he believed that through learning in the hours of code, young ones could be able to help augment the scarcity of their society specifically in terms of its economic status, as he added, "If we want America to stay on the cutting edge, we need young Americans like you to master the tools and technology that will change the way we do just about everything," however in regard with this special announcement, Infoworld opposed with what he stated.

As an opposition to President Obama's announcement, Infoworld believed, if all those beginners will be able to know the different codes in programming, there will be a possibility that the outcome of their work would failed, because for them veteran programmers do already have an innate talent in programming, and even if beginners do have a skills that will help them build in the process, still it will not be enough especially if they don't have any passion in programming, thus, they will only find it difficult for them to learn the different codes.

However, with these impossibilities infoworld also suggest that beginners eagerness and determination will help them achieve their goals while in the process of learning, they also added, that the vital tool for beginners in order to learn how to code, is the love for coding and through self motivation and determination, which is an important tool for a Programmer.

Meanwhile, ex-programmer who turned in journalist Ciara Byrne said in her book entitled "Fast Company" she wrote, "Good coders don't want to work with beginners and do not like to see their craft devalued by hoards of 'instant' developers cranked out of short courses."

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