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Developer Convicted Of “Like Hacking” Charge – Computer Seized By Idaho Court

An interesting news has emerged from Idaho where a local court ordered to seize the computer of a developer, who said in one of his statements that he likes hacking. This statement was not given by the developer to anyone or in the court but the same words were written on his website. The name of the developer is Corey Thuen and as per the order released by Idaho court last week, the computer of the developer should be seized and all data should be copied. The case started when Corey Thuen had an intellectual property dispute with his former employer. No notice was given to Thuen by the court as he describes himself as a hacker on his website and it was suspected that he will easily remove the evidence from his computer or any other online source.

Thuen was working in Battelle Energy Alliance v. Southfork Security, a company that developed anti-hacking software programs for its clients all over the world. Recently, Thuen had left the company in order to start his own business in the same field. The company has convicted the employee for stealing their software code and to prevent him from releasing it online, they have filed a case against him.

According to court, there are national security implications and that is the main reason why the computer of developer must be seized and all data be copied. It is quite obvious that if the code will be released publically, everyone in the world will be able to play with it and use it against the company that made this code. The court might have prevented Thuen of using or publishing the code but they had to seize his computer because on his website, he states it clearly that, “we love hacking into things and we don’t want to stop”. This evidence was good enough for court to seize Thuens’s computer.

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