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Free Logo Design by Designmantic

Designmantic is a site where you can design your own logo without stress, now what do i mean 'without stress', all you got to do is type in the name of your company or whatever name you want to build the logo and click on the create design and 'voila' you got yourself over 50 different types of logo designs. You also have the opportunity to redesign the logo by changing the fonts and text with different options of how you want the text to appear. You can change the logo because it has alot of variations to choose from. Why i'm i saying all this? i'm saying this here because it saves alot of time for a website developer to build a website logo and concentrate on the codes and other things required to build the website. Its so easy to create a logo for any type of company,stress free because all you got to do is select out of the generated designs that which best suits your work. If you do not like how it looks u just edit it.SIMPLE,don't you think? Now you got to sign up as quick as you can and its free,follow this steps:

1) Go to

2) Type in the name of the logo/company(if you have additional text to portray your company name,type after you type in company name)

3) Click create design

4)After the design pop up hover your mouse on the design and click on variations to see different types of the same design.

5) Edit it if you want to.

6) Download and check out.

Try it and you wont have a regret i promise that.

Oluwafemi Obadina-Ajiboye.

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