JKEV: Coding Contest Winner Sponsored by NuSphere

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We, at sourcecodester.com would like to congratulate and announce the winner of the recently held PHP Coding Contest sponsored by NuSphere.

The source code and program submitted by JKEV or John Kevin Lorayna was chosen as the winner based upon our contest criteria. JKEV's Voting System on PHP, was adjudged as the winner of the contest.

JKEV will bring home the much coveted price, the NuSphere PhpEd 8.0 Professional Single License brought to us by our sponsor, NuSphere, one of the leading technology company serving the applications and technologies running the business of some of the US Fortune 100 company.

Our resident programmers and developers have been testing the functionality of the codes submitted based upon our criteria. They have their own respective candidates but to level the playing fields we determine the winners through a poll conducted among members and developers of this site.

Based upon the poll, JKEV got the highest number of votes with more than 50% followed by Argie's Online Hotel Reservation System at 30% of total votes.

For those who have participated in our Coding Contest, we would like to thank you for your participation.

For our sponsor NuSphere, thank you for giving us an opportunity to be one of your trusted partner.


thank you for shared it.

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