Why Many Developers Prefer Python Over PHP

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Two of the programming languages that are widely used by many developers are Python and PHP. These two prominent programming languages work well with different frameworks and it makes it more convenient and less complicated for developers in doing their tasks.

However, based on Harpal Boparai's article on Net Solutions, many developers now are considering Python over PHP for web development. Both have their own share of advantages and disadvantages but, according to Boparai, the benefits of using Python has attracted more and more developers to use it in creating web applications. Here are five reasons why many developers have allegedly shift from using PHP to utilizing Python in web development:

1. Readability. Boparai cited that Python is more readable not just over the PHP but as well as other programming languages available. It utilizes indentations. With PHP, a classic approach is used.

2. Simple Syntax. Python programming language is easier to use in web development considering it has a simpler syntax. With Python, it is also easier to write and as well as to comprehend the codes.

3. More Purpose. Another thing about Python is that it is not only great for creating web pages. Based on the article, with a simple web framework, there is so much more that you can do. You can also use it even without an internet connection.

4. Standard Web Framework. Python works with standard libraries and frameworks and it leads to making the developers work somehow easier. It has Django which is undeniably a top web framework.

5. Big Developer Ecosystem. Compared to PHP, Python requires fewer debugging tools and they are readily available considering the big developer ecosystem that the latter programming language has. There are already enough debugging tools in the downloader package of Python.

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