Google To List Only Android Apps With 64-bit Support On Play Starting Aug 2019

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Undeniably, lots of people around the world are using Android mobile phones, tablets, and other gadgets. Thus, Google Play is the venue where most people download applications that are needed for work, school, or simply for entertainment purposes like games, photo editors, and video makers.

To ensure that the Android users get apps that are of high performance and security, Google has decided to implement some changes. Based on an article on Developer, the technology giant recently made an announcement that starting in August 2019, only apps with 64-bit support would be listed in the online app store. It is going to be an addition to the 32-bit versions of the new apps and app updates.

Google also wants to make sure that the apps in Play Store are built on the latest APIs. In line with it, beginning the second half of 2018, it will be requiring new apps and as well as app updates to "target a recent Android API level". Based on the article, for the verification of the authenticity of the app, a security metadata will also be added on top of each APK.

The changes that will be implemented by Google and the requirements for the listing of the apps in the online store are all in line with its pursuit to offer apps with the best performance to the Android users.

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