Russia Tigr: A 4×4 remote-controlled weapon armored vehicle

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Tigr 4×4 armored vehicle with new 30mm remote-controlled weapon station.

Innovations are now taking the whole world. It makes the life of the people in earth easy, faster and more efficient way of doing things in your house, work or in school. But through innovations we are getting farther to claim peace on earth.

Humans always think of better and innovative creations Humans are often motivated to invent new things because of something that they see in the outside world. In this way, the natural world has provided people with examples and goals for invention and innovation.

In a modern generation, another invention was born. The purpose of this innovative technology is to is to protect or to harm people.

As the Russian Military –industrial company VPK LLC developed a version of its armored vehicle Tigr. This new innovation of car is solely use for soldiers in Russia.

The newest military car of Russia can be drive using a remote control. This was confirmed by the Russians new outlet TASS.

The Car was named as “Tigr” which is designed to be manually operated and can track target on its own.

Furthermore, it is also designed to seat 10 persons and able to remotely operate the weapons mounted to the vehicle.

“We’ve managed to mount a 30 mm gun on a two-axle armored vehicle with a mass of under nine tons,” Aleksandr Krasovitsky, CEO for Russia’s military-industrial company VPK LLC, told TASS.

“The vehicle can use ordinary roads without any restrictions.” He added.
Krasovitsky told TASS the purpose of this experiment is to have it be able to track targets on its own.

The Tigr is a Russian-made 4×4, multipurpose, all-terrain armored vehicle manufactured by VPK is designed to be used mainly to transport troops in the battlefield.


hi raj sharma my name is yahaya from nigeria

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