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New Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch

Smart watch is the new technology that affects the communication of the world. New innovative technology is changing the world as we live in.

It brought change in the world as we know it. With this first technology that is wearable changing the way we communicate.

In a new report, a new smartwatch was announced to all the people of the world. The new updated and innovative watch was introduced by Samsung.

The company unveiled its Gear S3 wristwatch. The newly released watch was announced as fully compatible with the Samsung Pay mobile payments system. The watch will be available in two styles, the Gear S3 Classic and the Frontier. But the company confirmed that the features of the newly released wristwatch offer similar features.

According to the company, the devices are now fully compatible with the Samsung Pay mobile payments system, even you don’t pay your phone with you. You can also make up to five purchases without any network connections.

Furthermore, the company claims meshes with about 90% of the checkout terminals out there, both the type of registers that rely on NFC (Near field communications) technology, as well as older (and still more prevalent) magnetic-stripe terminals. Some versions of the Gear S2 could use Samsung Pay as well, but it was limited to NFC.

The company announced that the platform for the watch currently has around 9,000 available apps, including several from big names such as Uber, ESPN, CNN, Spotify, iHeartRadio and, yes, USA TODAY.

Samsung Company admitted that there will be coming apps that will improve new innovative smart watch. The company announced that Nest and ADT would also be coming to the platform, offering users to ability to control their thermostats or call SOS and emergency services right from their wrists.

While the watch can do more these days without the presence of a phone, it is compatible with a variety of Android handsets, not just Samsung’s own Galaxy devices.

The company confirms that the smart watch is still not compatible with the iPhone.

The Gear S3 performs better like a computer in hour hand. The company announced that the watch comes in only two colors, silver for the Classic and black for the Frontier.

The 22mm watch bands are replaceable using the standard latch mechanism.
The Samsung also improved the battery life of the latest smart watch. As Samsung says, on both the LTE and Bluetooth models to three to four days of juice.

A power save option kicks in when you're down to your battery is down to your last 5%, which would allow you to use the Gear S3, as a watch only, for a full day.

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