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Google Update: New Bin For Websites That Contain Large Pop-Up Ads

Have you ever noticed those advertisements that pop-up whenever you enter a certain site? In the point of fact, you are likely to encounter it in most of the sites. Some pop-up ads contain important information as it requests log in to the site or entails the preview on how to efficiently access matters on it. While there are important adds, there are also those which are undeniably off. There are those ads that fully block the content you want to access for some reasons and would leave you with no choice but to go back to the main search page and look for another site. That incident happens in both laptop surfing and as well as mobile surfing. Pop-up ads can be anywhere. What makes laptop surfing a bit convenient when it comes to accessing sites with advertisements is the working space. There is enough space compared to mobile surfing. To address the issue, a recent news report in Inquirer entail the solution of Google for mobile surfers. To prevent the access to sites with large pop-up ads while surfing the net through a phone, Google will be putting those sites in the 'worse search results' bin. Though some sites with ads will still appear in the results of searches most especially if it is fit with the topic that the user is looking for, this update will spare users from being offered with so many sites having inconvenient pop-up ads. Thank you so much for reading this blog. Feel free to visit our site more often for more informative updates that is surely worth your time. For questions or comments, you can drop down your words below. God bless!

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