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[inline:Sample Form.JPG=Invoice Form]

Please take a look at the form view, this was written in Visual Basic Microsoft Access Environment, we have to hide the company and some characters alike for security purpose, But at the bottom of the form is another subform for Accounts Receivable Forms, this means that with respect to the invoice, whether it is cash or credit, it will automatically creates Accounts Receivable for 30 Days, 60 Days, etc. Since it is being printed in A4 Size bond paper, expected that they are creating automatic invoice number (See invoice number (Our Ref-IA09-)), this is a file server database (split-database), but works perfectly in 2 to 3 computers, asides from this, take a look the back of the main form, you can notice the main menu in explorer-like menu items.

The invoice will show in .pdf format, so it can be send thru e-mail via attachement. Behind all these buttons/texts are thousand lines of codes that enables them to work perfectly.
e-mail me if you have any questions.....thanks.....
Your Database Assistant (db_assistant2002),


Are you sure that form is complicated and Advance? you're so funny...

Hello can u give me some idea for blob db?

BLOB(Binary Large Object) is likely an image files i.e .jpg, .bmp, .png etc. Take a look in Invoice Form, you see a lot of images, but I manage to compress the database itself. If you are using the Access 2003 Environment, it would probably 10 times bigger than we expected. All you need to do is to store the links in a table, something like this:
C:/My Database/My Images, where you store all the stuff regarding images.
Of course, this link must reside in a table, say in a textbox.
Last two years, we have a tremendous problems regarding storing images of Welder's picture, a certain Welder is being tested in different Levels, say TIG Welder is different Welder, ARC Welder is also different Level and so on and so forth, everytime the Welder passed on such level/category, the software is able to print his Welder Card which stored his image file. In this instances, a Welder could have a lots of Welder IDS based on AWS/ASME Categories, probably one Welder could have 5 to six IDS based on his capabilities. It's quite challenging, we did'nt notice that we are dealing with huge amount of image files!
But thanks god of simplicity, we avoided that by simply re- aligning our image files.

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