Employee's Information System Version 1.0

Hi there about this code I called it Employee's Information System Version 1.0 written entirely in Visual Basic 6.0. It is a very simple database application using ADO in Visual Basic Im not yet expert in terms in database programming Visual Basic. I wrote this code to learn and to share to other beginning programmers and students that database programming in Visual Basic is not very difficult if

Learn Visual Studio the Easiest Way using Video Tutorial

If you really wanted to become a programmer, then I suggest you take a look at this cool website: www.LearnVisualStudio.net LearnVisualStudio.net has a lifetime subscription. You are entitled to download links available only for members You have a money back warranty if you are not satisfied with the video tutorial. This means that you are entitled to refund your subscription. LearnVisualStudio

Names Selector Version 1.0

About this code I called it Names Selector Version 1.0 written entirely in Java. This is a simple program to show how to use and manipulate arrays and demonstrate how to use built in string libraries in Java to convert string from lower case to upper case and to reverse the arrangement of letters in a string. I intended this code for beginners in Java programming. I hope this simple program

Password Version 1.0

About this code I called it Password Version 1.0 written in Visual Basic 6.0. This is my first time to write a Visual Basic application that is database driven. Im using ADO controls to access the data in the database. My front end Im using Visual Basic for screen design and data retrieval and for my back end Im using MS Access where I store my user name and password. I intended my work for

A Very Important Tool A Computer Programmer Must Have

We are now facing the age of the internet. Everyone who wants to ride on this must do something to maximize your profit. If you want your name to stand out in the crowd, then follow these simple steps: 1. Build your own website. Building a website today is very cheap. It will only cost you around $7.95/month for webhosting and $9.95/year for a domain name. Some webhosting company cost only $6.95

Electricity Billing System Version 1.0

About this code I called it Electricity Billing System Version 1.0 written entirely in C. It is a database driven application that uses text files and struct data structure to store and manipulate records in the database. I created this code to show that it is not difficult to write database application using C language. If you find this code useful send me an email at [email protected]