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This is a game develop for students contest - Quiz B.

The first round is to guest the picture after showing an image for 6 seconds. Only 3 winners will compete in the second round. There would be a tie breaker if ever.

In the second round the contestant will choose a color. Only 3 colors are allowed since there are only 3 contestants. Each contestant will step through the pyramid until it reaches the top. Whoever reaches the top will be the winner. Questions are given verbally.

In the final round the contestant are given a random question based on the category they have chosen.


1st round – remove pictures after time interval, show it again when click.

2nd round – selection of three colors only using checkbox.

Final round – random questions per category

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Please i need a quiz program in vb2010 using ms access as the data base to store questions.

full tank rambo kau..!!!

Your group is gonna rock this world... well guyz keep it up!.. and try for more new projects.


your program is not runable

ask q lang? VB program po ba yan? thanks in advance....email me @ [email protected]/[email protected]
thanks! again

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