This Project Add Data and Image to the Database and Retrieve Image and Display to Image Box

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THIS PROJECT ADD DATA AND IMAGE TO THE DATABASE AND RETRIEVE IMAGE AND DISPLAY THEM IN IMAGE BOX CONTROL when user click one of the data from datagrid view control..The codes are cleary arranged and understandable...Run the project and have fun...

For any question about the codes just contact me..
Commebts are allowed..

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Private Sub cmdsave_Click()
If txtcitenum.Text = "" Or cbounit.Text = "" Or cbotype.Text = "" Or txtcommotype.Text = "" Or txtmessagetype.Text = "" Or txtmessage.Text = "" Or txtbranch.Text = "" Then
MsgBox "Some Fields are still Empty!", vbExclamation, ""
txtsearch.Text = ""
txtcitenum.BackColor = vbWhite
txtcommotype.BackColor = vbWhite
txtmessagetype.BackColor = vbWhite
txtmessage.BackColor = vbWhite
Exit Sub
sql = "select UNITID,CommoID,SUBJECT_MESSAGE,DATE_RECEIVED from tblincoming where UNITID like '" & cbounit.Text & "' and CommoID = '" & txtcommotype.Text & "' and SUBJECT_MESSAGE like '" & txtmessagetype.Text & "' and DATE_RECEIVED like '" & lbldate.Caption & "';"
Call OpenConnection(conn, rs, sql)
'While (rs.MoveNext() = True)
'End While
If rs.EOF = False Then
If rs.Fields("UNITID").Value Like cbounit.Text And rs.Fields("CommoiD").Value = txtcommotype.Text And rs.Fields("SUBJECT_MESSAGE").Value Like txtmessage.Text And rs.Fields("DATE_RECEIVED").Value Like lbldate.Caption Then
MsgBox "Incoming Message Already received within this day!", vbInformation, "ALREADY RECEIVED"
txtcitenum.BackColor = vbRed
txtcommotype.BackColor = vbRed
txtmessagetype.BackColor = vbRed
txtmessage.BackColor = vbRed
txtcitenum.BackColor = vbWhite
txtcommotype.BackColor = vbWhite
txtmessagetype.BackColor = vbWhite
txtmessage.BackColor = vbWhite
Exit Sub
End If

sql = "insert into tblincoming values("
sql = sql & " '" & txtcitenum.Text & "',"
sql = sql & " '" & dtfrom.Value & "',"
sql = sql & " '" & lbltime.Caption & "',"
sql = sql & " '" & cbounit.Text & "',"
sql = sql & " '" & cbotype.Text & "',"
sql = sql & " '" & txtcommotype.Text & "',"
sql = sql & " '" & txtmessage.Text & "',"
sql = sql & " '" & txtremarks.Text & "',"
sql = sql & " '" & " " & "',"
sql = sql & " '" & " " & "',"
sql = sql & " '" & " " & "');"
Call CloseConnection(rs, conn)
Call TransactToDatabase(sql)

MsgBox "Successfully saved..", vbInformation, "Success"
Call cmdenableform
Call getmessage
txtcitenum.BackColor = vbWhite
txtcommotype.BackColor = vbWhite
txtmessagetype.BackColor = vbWhite
txtmessage.BackColor = vbWhite

End If
End If

End Sub

that is my code in vb6.0 in avoid duplicate entry but it still does not work.. it says that either bof or eof is true or the current record has been deleted requested operation requires a current record. what shoul id do??? is anyone can help to fix this

me too need code for this one [email protected] please send me : )

Hahaha, your code woke me up indeed. Nice code, but please, i would like you to send me the code in and that of c#. Regards!!! [email protected]

Can't that be done using 2008 and ms access. Please i néed the code. Email = [email protected]

Please can anyone who sees this inbox me the code to save and retrieve image from vb 6.0 using ms access 2003.

Please i need the codes, and if it's possible the full project using vb 6.0. Thanks and God bless you all for replying.

My Email: [email protected]




I Need the Help to create a Macro in MS-Word 2003 for mail merge with images.

hey dude, how about saving picture using mySQL?

i want to become a programmer

how i can show photo in data report
student name
student father name
roll no
photo (show photo)

pliz send me point of sale system

hi...can you help me displaying image from picturebox?
we were doing a water billing system which we need to make an image browser in adding customer.

Download that project above ,it has full concept on how to display image in picturebox from database.
Codes are cleary and understandable.. Many who download it they understand it..

+++nassib junior+++

hi,do you ha an enrollment system..can u share it?tnx.. [email protected]

do you have an enrollment system?can u share it...tnx...

i will try to make a simple project like that one using 2010....
but if u know c# also i have a simple project which save data and image in access...

+++nassib junior+++

hi! guys. can you help me to create simple e-dictionary using vb 6. a software which we can use to search ass. with definition? the problem is i am a beginners in programming. so it recommended that we use vb 6 as our starting language.. so i assign to do a simple dictionary related to agriculture... i need help..
even it is a prototype i accept it pls.
emai me at [email protected]
thnks so much..

hi, i saw your little problem is quite interesting, am working on a project tht will save data and image in access, pls can u help me with the code cos am using 2010, the one u re using here is vb6..thanks my email is [email protected]

Dont wory my frend i ll do my best to develop that project for you...
my email add is [email protected]
give me ur email add..........

+++nassib junior+++

ca you help me make a simple library system with log in, borrowig and returning and will be automatically added in the database. For example my instock is 20 books and a student will borrow 5 books and if he is going to return the book instock of books will be 20 again.. and also a code that he is only allowed to borrow 3 times.. pls help me sir.. thank you..


can u send me complex one to??so i can reference it in my thesis??
thank you...heres my add [email protected]

though its simple, its nice...thanks, i've downloaded the code for reference.

if you want complex one i will upload for you or give me your email adress...
Happy coding

may i have a more complex? but not that much? ^^ please email me at [email protected]

i will send to your email soon...

can you send me as well?
[email protected]
tnx ^_^

Let me know if the program runs...Thank u

+++nassib junior+++

can this be done using ms access 2007 database. if it can be done. i would appreciate much if u'll email me.tnx bro. [email protected]

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