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this a simple database login application, that gets the system time as you login... with a beautiful interface using API and I also use my own ocx for the design... hope you appreciate my coding

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This is fine ;)...

pano mo nagawang tanggalin ung min,max,close button, at palitan ng min,close icons...

please. i nid 2 know... tnx,...

how did u removed the min,max,close button and change it to icons.. and also the form, please help

tnx...regards ^_^

Hey sorry for the late reply... it’s just the property of the form, the borderstyle change it to none. And the min, max and close button that you see is the customize button made by my friend where you can change the image like the command button.

Please help to answer this's my first time to learn this and i need to know it. Here's my questions.

1. An array names = Ana,Ej,Ching,Edz,Angel) Input a string. If the string is equal to any of the array names mentioned above display its position.
For Example:
Enter a String : Ching
Name position: 2

Enter a String : Ana
Name position: 0

2.Input a value from x to y the program must display the multiplication table from x to y.
x=2 and y=3
Output 2x0=0
until y..

please send the answer to my email at [email protected]

i'm waiting for ur reply guys.. Thanks!!!!

i like this

simple and yet very nice graphix. ^_^

hello.. good day!
will you please send me a ready made library system program.? using MODULE and DATABASE only. thank you.!

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