Enrollment and Grading System of Elementary Updated

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This is a Complete version of Enrollment and Grading System of Elementary uploaded last 2010..Don't forget to comment and say THANKS..This code from PCS and added some form like Grading,,,etc....

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Good Day Sir, can you help me to get a code for my thesis because i'm the beginner and no one can help me for my thesis and my title is Enrollment and Grading System , my team is work that's why i want you to help me to code.. i hope you want to help me please.

[email protected]
[email protected]

Thank you so much for your kind :)

hello po sir, sir paturo po sana ako kung pano mag code kasi beginner po ako tapos ako lang po gumagawa sa aming thesis sana po matulogan mo po ako, kasi stress na po ako ang title po ng system namin is Enrollment and Grading System sana po magbiyan nyo po ako ng code. ito po email ko
[email protected]
[email protected]

thank youuuu po abd God Bless po. :)


meron ka poh bang video nitong system na nirurun mo..?

code for grading system.

thanks man
great job

Hello Admin,
Thanks so much for ur contribution towards science and programming. Ur codes have really put me through and enable me do most of my training easily.
Pls am in my final year and am to design an Online Student Registration System.
Using VB 6.0 this should have where to register student, attach passport, conduct exams, document scores, report for qualifed students, etc. Its a complete school system program please help me out

if you have a codes in vb6 about banking system kindly send my in my yahoomail...tnx

gud day sir.. can you send me source codes of elementary grading system? AND HOTEL RESERVATION SIR.. thanks a lot sir
send it at my email [email protected]

have downloaded and unzipped the file. how do i install it in my pc?
would appreciate ur help. thanks!

can u send me the source
[email protected]

can you send me the code of this system.. thanks. can you help me?

@ [email protected].


gua am sir..can you also create me a system for elementary teachers...please help..im not good at programming..thanks.

can you help me with my SAD can you create me a enrollment system or a elementary grading system
email me here [email protected]


gano ba ka secure ang security ng grading system?

gusto ko lang malaman kc ung ang proposal namin sa thesis..

at ang problema ng security ng mobile inquiry system?

Brod gd am. tnks sa code ha...it help me a lot....
need help naman again hehehe... hindi ko alam ung code sa auto generated number...bali ganito ang output or ganito ma save sa ACCESS mmddyyyy-0001,0002,0003 etc...

example... 07082011-0001, first record, 07082011-0002 second records etc.....
tulong nman po...

may ginawa kc akong system na "Police Clearance" sa aming Police station. beginners pa kc ako eh...
hindi ko alam paano mg save ng picture into access. at paano ma bound yong image na sa may imagebox na...into DataReport...
please brod help me pra matapos ko na yong police clearance namin... tnks...

send mo nman ng code dito sa emailadd ko.. [email protected].

GOD bless..

check your email add....thanks... god bless!!!!

IT Administrator
[email protected]

brod... pwdi mo ba akong tulongan??ples. pra sa station namin...

send mo nman ako ng code kng paano ma bound yong picture galing sa may picture box going to datareport... at paa din ma save into Access 2003.

ito po email add ko [email protected]

hindi kc ma bound picture eh..salamat...

bkt po gnun pag cnsave ko na ung nagenroll nag eerror xha compile error Variable defined

ser disable po lhat ng textbox ndi xah maclick...ung close lang n command button ung active...

sir pano po i enable ung button kapag magbabayad na? nka dis able po kc eh!

type mo yung student id. and press enter...

IT Administrator
[email protected]

sir pde nio po b qng mtulungan sa enrollment system with pre-requisite subj?. d xa pdeng magtake ng another subject n related sa subj n un kpag bgsak xa..

sna po matulungan nio ko!

sure,,,contact me..

IT Administrator
[email protected]

can you help me do some coding my project- kinder information system

sure...contact me..

IT Administrator
[email protected]

sure....contact me....

working with coding is good
i just wonder why people still use vb 6
its outdated

it is not on the language that you use.. :)

WEB/SYSTEM Developer

Then what is the latest....?

Pls i like your project on grading system. Pls send the source code to my email address: [email protected].

I like your project work and hope you will send me a project work on HRMS if you have any !! you can use my E-mail [email protected] to attach it thanks for your help!!

A Road Map to the Future Need !!

I think i have HRMS... :)
contact me
[email protected]

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