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The stock management system of medical store is developed to overcome these most of the problems. By computerizing the system we can solve many problems which are exists in the manual system. After computerizing the system, they can finish their work in least amount of efforts. The computerized system has many gain & features which manual system can't give in any circumstances.

In manual system, main problem is to maintain the stock & medicine's information. This problem is removed by computerizing process because system is itself capable to store the data and give accurate result by using its features. They have thousands of medicine & its information maintaining is very hard & difficult task. But in computerized system once you enter the data system takes care by itself.

By feeding information in computer it is very helpful & easy to know all type of related information like medicine name, company, available stock, its quantity etc. Thus, computerized system gives advantages of both DBMS/RDBMS and Front-End tool. Once you prepare or build system fully computerize then below advantages we can obtain.

1) Minimized data redundancy.
2) Data security.
3) Maintenance of is easy.
4) Provide accurate and relevant information.
5) Timely generation of Reports.
6) Enhanced data integrity. Minimized data redundancy

The system maintains the data in organized table structure that minimizes the data redundancy. Data security The system incorporates a certain level of security by using user rights. Thus the user is allowed to access and modify only those data that are given in user rights.

Maintenance is easy We can maintain or manage stock properly. By display the stock information from computer we know the current status of stock of particular medicine & its price. Thus, we can take decision for purchase order taking of medicines.

Provide accurate and relevant information. It is most essential that the information supplied is fully correct and relevant to context in which it is required. The system satisfies these basic criteria by generating curate and relevant information. Timely generation of Reports Reports are generated whenever require for the specific time duration.

Report generating scheme or section provide very easy way to generate specific type of report in very sort time & less efforts. Enhanced data integrity The system incorporates the various data validation checks and thus provides the integrity and consistency in the data. Anomalies in the data are avoided.

The gain of accuracy, speed, processing, memory storage, efficiency all are provide from computerized system.

System Features
Easiest software to learn and use.
Wholesale system is completely Y2K compliant.
System security and authorization.
Manage stock visually.

The system has built-in data integrity across the system.
Menu driven, Tabs and multiple windows for a logical division of information. Extensive usage of standard screen to ensure user friendliness.
Reduce training time and cost, no prior knowledge of computers require. You can start working immediately.
Greater Help. Tool tips, buttons, message and prompts detailed are provided. It could be run on minimum hardware/software configuration.

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