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This is a very simple login form which I created 6 months back and useful for beginners as I have developed this program when I was a beginner. Hope it will be useful for starters.

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[email protected] to this mail .....its very usefull for my college project

sir/mum please help with the coding part

i am doing telephone project in visual basic .
i want to how to store multiple image in single picture box and how to access the image.
i want coding for visual basic.
thank you

cn u help me in my project on online-patients information system in php?if yes ,my email id is - [email protected] pls. help me soon..tnk u..

Hey Can you please Help me? I m new to vb.net and i m very confused in Donation Fund Simple Application.
In My Application i Should have 4-5 fields like Combobox like Mr, Miss, Mrs, Donator Name, Donator Address, Mobile Number and Amount which is donated by that person to our Trust,

After Record inserted in database i should have print button and should ready receipt also for giving to that person. Receipt should be like

This is the proof that ___________ has donated the amount to full fill the requirements of our trust.
Thank you.

Your Amount_____________

How to make receipt? how to fetch value from database directly in receipt....? i tried but failed by using crystal report because it fetches all the records from database. and i need only current inserted record to display in receipt....Can any one help me plz..... i have only 2-3 days for this project and i m very frusted......

My Mobile number is +919722505929

this is kailas and i am working on a project named hall ticket printing sysyem in this i have to connect the aacess database. Connection should be simple and machine independant means no need to locate my project on specific folder or drive. It should be dynamic. Project will store the basic information of student and that data should go into access database. Please help me.
My email id is [email protected]

cn u help me in my project on hospital management system in java(with netbens ide ) and its database in sql and than connecting database with java with the help of JDBC? if yes ,my email id is - [email protected] pl help me soon

Thank u friend That will Very help for me. Kindly very thanks

That has helped me alot

cud u help me to design a child's growth and development monitoring system. with vb.net

Please let me know the specification and I will try to work it out.

can you help me how to make a library system using the php can you send me the source code [email protected] please help me sir,That is the requirements of our shcool.Thanks,.,,,

i hav a project of phone book in visual basic
i m using .net 2005 verson.
plz help....
i will b very thankfull to u ...
if u do then
my email id is [email protected]

hi i need a project doind can you hhelp
my email [email protected]

can i have ur email please .. my id is [email protected]

hope u will respond me back soon


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