Internet Cafe Timer (Stand Alone Mode)

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This is my first submission in this is a Stand alone Mode (No Server required) Internet Café Timer..

It has a 2 Login mode.. 1. Open Hour Mode..2. Limited Time Mode…During Login.. It will display the Remaining Time, The used Time and the running seconds in the small form at the right bottom corner of your computer screen.. In the Limited Time Mode, when hour and minute value is equal to zero.. then the program will locked the Desktop and wait for the next costumer to Login by Entering the Password and the amount of Time Purchased by the costumer….. It has an Admin Setting that can change the password.., can disable the task manager… , can restart and shutdown pc.. When Desktop Lock.. the Program disable the Alt + Tab, Win key, Ctrl + Alt Delete and the Ctrl + Esc

I am working for the Internet Café Timer with (Server and Client) now , and hope to upload it here soon.. Thank’s a lot to all website that provide source code and programming tutorial especially to this site, the This site is a big help to me… Thank’s Admin…

Password : magcayan

<<<<< [email protected] >>>>

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Meron po ako Timer Monitoring ngalang.....PM nyuko sa Facebook Xerkzz Democrito Doce mura lang po....

Sir, café Timer.vb_TemporaryKey what's the password?
Please help me how to run the program, I need it for my small home cafe shop.

Thank you in advance. my e mail [email protected]

meron ako nyan haha

How are you Sir?

Can you include a warning message (progress bar) for users to save their work in the LIMITTED TIME MODE? and if possible, can you connect this to a database or maybe outsource the codes for this?

Thank you Sir.

Hi, I've download the file and as per the instruction check the exe file in bin\debug folder and press .exe. But when I open the folder no any files found in it. Can ou please send me the complete downloadable file please

Sir, I've read all the comments and I am interested with your program. Can you kindly share how and where to download the program for me to install it in our computer. Pleas send it yo my email add [email protected]

Sir norle I've read the thread,I'm interested to install your program pwd po mkahinge installer.
[email protected] email ko,thanks in advance.

hi thanks nga pala sa software mo, nagkaron kami ng timer pra sa second network namin, anyway ok na ok po yung program, ang question ko lang po is kung maeedit ko yung pics kahit hindi sa visual basic environment gawin. wala po kase atang installed dito sa shop thanks po

can u send me the set-up of this program. the installer so that i could download it and try your system.. thanks..

here is my email ad..
[email protected]

im a newbie here...pwede ako mka hingi ng link ng timer ninyo...gusto ko kasi gamitin sa shop ko..

good day, idk if it is good to request here.
can it be added a generated feature for this timer aside from username and password?
i mean, the username and password use only for login, then generate codes for 1hr, 2hrs, 3hrs, etc w/ desired prices (customize)...tia

pahinge po ng password mga pare

sir ask ko lang po bakit wala pa rin pong laman ung bedug folder... nakakailang beses ko na po na e download ung program no kc...

Hindi ko alam kung ano nangyari.. pero hindi na po ito yung program na inapload ko na Internet Cafe Timer (Stand Alone Mode)...I am Norle Magcayan (Buragwis45)... hindi ko na kc ma access ang account na to... hindi ko rin alam kung pano nangyari na napalitan ang uploaded program ko sa site na to.... yung program ko ay katulad ng nasa picture sa baba ng aking account... tugma ito sa mga older comment.. itong dina download nyo ngayon na file ay hindi na ito yung original post,,,, di ko alam kung pano nangyari...

is this software has voucher system feature?
each voucher has its repective time frame...tia

thanks for your free ware, it helps me a lot. Thanks you, Thanks you Thanks you

do i need to install any visual basic version? i download all the link you post, when i try to run the application, it prompt error box. i follow the instruction above this trend. i off my anti virus(Avira) but nothings happen. thanks (VB 2010)
uhm new sourcecode for timer..
and the original standalone i saved it (VB 2008)
the one made from vb2010 is mine ...and the 2008 version was the original posted here.. you can edit mine and change it according to your needs and if you have q's please do contact me..

email: [email protected]

Mobile : +639073473347
thanks..if the links are broken..send me an email i'll email you the source codes instead.. thank you.


Sir, Thanks po for uploading this software.. Help lang po, di ko mabuksan. Nag eerror sya. CAFEtimer. exe - Application error. The application failed to initialize properly (0X0c0000135). Click on OK to terminate the application. Pano po kaya ang sulotion dito???? TIA

well i am not study visual basic in school but I am learning from research and study thru Internet cafe shop... I start study in vs .net last December 24, 2011 as of today I have finished develop my own Internet Cafe Timer design for single PC only. THE REAL PROBLEM OF MY project is THE PUBLIC USER can KILL my EXE do you have a protection of that ATTACK? (means using Task Manager, Process Explorer, etc...) my cell # is 0928-111-0403 or 0922-845-4530

hello sir,
Can you mail me the source code to darknightguys(at)gmail(dot)com

trial muna

hello sir. thanks for this program. a complete and big help for me. however I can't find the Cafe Timer.exe inside bin->Debug folder. what went wrong? thanks

sir pano po mag run ng sourcecode? [email protected]

here try this one.if it does not work on your xp i'll be sending you my source code. remember this is made from vb 10 express.


can you send me a link for the source code, ASAP [email protected]

any ways i'm making my new timer for xp (not win7)
i'll be posting a link here if i still can.

bro, do you have a software like this in vb 6.0?

it's more complicated to make such in vb 6.i'm not so familiar with vb 6 (though it is what we are using on our school) but nope.

that was the wrong can find the link in my facebook account.
[email protected]


I've done working with my latest version of ·Café Timer ,sory for delays i havn't got much time to work on it.i've fixed some bugs. And it is downloadable (for free as always)Via media fire file sharing. i havn't include the code for it to be opened in vb express 2010. but if you want it just email me.

link here:

this one is not working.... popo

i'm using it on our comp shop so how come it won't work on yours.It's not me who's popo maybe it would be you.maybe its due to your system.

1st. i cannot run it on 32bit XP sp3, i have VB 2008 express, and it's having some kind of error, and i don't know exactly what it is.

2nd. the bin folder is empty!

i made it on 2010 express so i'm not really sure if it would work on 2008..i think it may not because it is an older version.but i could run 2008 version on my 2010 ..the bin folder is not empty i tried downloading it .and i was able to find the icon.and etc. i'm fixing some bugs right now thanks for the comments i'll try to keep it up to you as soon as i finish building up some improvements.Ü.

oh i see, it's only for 2010. i redownload it and now it's there. haha, my fault. sorry.


SMART TEL COM=639073473347
GLOBE TEL COM=639177376914


good greetings,sir please forgive me if you found some bugs.i'm 16 so I, my self don't expect such prog to be perfect though a programmer must do such..Ü..please consider you can edit it on your vb 2010 can even change the skins.if you like..Ü..i haven't got time for it now for some certain reasons.Ü.but updates will come up soon,,

hello there,
I've finished my disables ALT + TAB, ALT + Ctrl + Delete ,ALT + F4, so i think there would be no way of by passing it (except if the user knew your password).it also overrides the games such as dota , sf , cs, ran,plants vs. zombies (some kids play it here in my shop ,even my father himself,)angry birds,and other,without any alt + tab needs.
about the warning message i'm still working on it.. :D

hello there,
i may have found the fix about the bug that when you play dota (for example) the screen lock will appear after you alt tab.I've fixed it.i'll soon be opening my prog. here fer you guys.after i upgrade it.:P

me again ...
so before i have decided to create my program i have downloaded yours first
(because of curiosity and gladness to find a software like this)
my screen resolution is 1366,768
so when i ran your program and the time limit reached i can still close the form because the border was still present.though i now that you have it as none.i think it's because of the maximize window thingy on the properties please make it a bit wider?? or any resolutions of monitor can use this.thanks a lot.please be patient with me asking lot's of things :P .i helps in your debugging also :D

hello mr. fellow programer if i'm already
i made a program in vb 10 with the same concept as you have.i have 7 pc's and all of'em are operated by an xp os (same as what you have).i have made my screen lock .but the problem is when i set the timer to bout 5 sec.then i played dota (very famous) ,when the timer reach 0 it should have automatically shown the screen lock but it aint untill i minimize the game.

i'm 16 so its my very pleasure to learn a solution from you or any body who can help here.for short please help me fix that bug

and one more thing.the 5 min or three warning sign thingy please include it to your reply regarding this.
thanks so much my masters.

Sir Buragwis... thanks of sharing this code... this is a big help on small type internet cafe..thanks...
i have searching lot of code to do this project as will, but failed.. keep on sharing..

hi bro, what's the password?? it keeps on asking me for a password.. Can you help me.. a big thanks!!

This is the new link to download the source code......

[email protected]
Cp# - 09197740420

Please,the link in this post through which the source code of the application can be downloaded seems to have been removed due to inactivity. Please do something about it. Thank you

sir the link you posted above seems to be deleted already. could you pls upload another one? thanks god bless.

ndi ko po makuha ung file nio..? wat should i do??

Good day!
I installed your cafe timer in my PC and it works really fine and I love it! :) However, just like "Anonymous" I also wanna remove the "Magcayan Internet Shop" Logo in the timer. I've deleted the image in the standalone folder, but still the logo is still showing up in the timer. I will appreciate your immediate response regarding this concern.
Thanks a bunch! you're such a great help! :)


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